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Just When I Thought It Was The Perfect Vacay… It Got Better!

Just When I Thought It Was The Perfect Vacay… It Got Better!

I can’t believe I’m still not done talking about my solo trip to Switzerland (Guys, it was AWESOME!) There’s so much to say that I needed to pen down another article! I felt it would be unjust if I wrapped up my story in the last post cause there are just SO many things I haven’t told you yet! So, turns out, Raj was stuck somewhere else, and I happily forgot about him because, hello! As I was walking you through Zermatt, I gave up on Raj and made Rani from ‘Queen’ my spirit animal and continued my journey!

1 solo trip

           Best western Alpen Hotel, Zermatt

After my overnight stay in Zermatt, I had a delicious breakfast and later met Dominique Mauderli from Zermatt Tourism who took me for a tour through the Matterhorn glacier paradise - the highest cable car station in Europe. The place had an unbelievable panoramic view of the Italian, French and Swiss alpine giants from an altitude of 3,883m. I was literally on top of the world; the experience was surreal and I really felt like I could just reach out and touch Mont Blanc - the highest mountain in the Alps. Seeing the snow glistening on those serene peaks, I truly felt one with nature.

2 solo trip

 Walking towards the Glacier Palace Matterhorn Paradise station

It was then time to experience a magical icy world and enter the mystic realm of the world's highest-altitude - The Glacier Palace! Located fifteen metres beneath the surface of the glacier, it is the highest natural Glacier Palace in the world, located on the Klein Matterhorn. A lift carried me below the surface of the glacier to a fairytale palace deep under the perennial snows with glittering ice crystals and ice sculptures of marmots, wolves, eagles and dragons. Even the ice queen’s palace from The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe) I tipped my hat to the talented artists who had created these stunning creations. And then the adventurous old me, fully channelling my ‘Queen’ spirit walked back through the glacial crevasse to exit this fascinating world of snow and ice.

3 solo trip

Glacier palace, Zermatt

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and I had to come back down to Zermatt; but given a chance, I would have lived there forever! I stopped for a quick lunch at a wonderful restaurant – Derby, after which I took a train to Winterthur, my last stop. By the time I reached the city, it was late in the evening. I was starving and was delighted to find probably the most Instagram-friendly restaurant called Strickers Garden Restaurant. It was a cute little place and the food was divine. The dishes came in large portions and was perfect for starving people (like me!) and even though I was feeling like Rani, travelling through this beautiful country on my own, I did not ask for any spicy condiments (honestly, the food was awesome as is). After that amazing (but a slightly cold) day and yummy dinner, I was glad to return to my room and cozy up in my very warm and comfortable bed for the night.

4 solo trip

Dinner at Strickers Garden Restaurant, Winterthur

I got up with a smile on my face ready to explore Switzerland's only Science Center - Swiss Science Center Technorama. If you like science, like I do, this place is a scientific learning center like no other in Europe, with more than 500 experiment stations. I felt like a kid in a candy store with interactive exhibits that invite you to touch, to try, to play and to understand! It is a true feast for all your senses. No matter how old you are and no matter how much you know (or don't know) about science, art and technology this place ensures that you learn something new. Plus, I got some really cool pics and big words to impress my 3-year-old nephew!!!

5 solo trip

Swiss Science Center Technorama

After this, I met Katja Kündig, for a guided city tour at Sulzerareal Winterthur, a public space that was a former industrial estate. The place which used to a Sulzer factory which was the biggest employer of the city, is now being converted into a new space for the young and trendy - with libraries, colleges and restaurants coming up still using the old factory buildings. It’s amazing how they are using this space still keeping history intact!

6 solo trip

Library in Winterthur

The city overall felt like a treasure trove of art, history and nature. No matter what the time of the day - the city is always buzzing. Shops, restaurants, markets have a charming old town vibe.

Winterthur is a small city having the big city atmosphere and one can get around very conveniently.

7 solo trip

Winterthur, Switzerland

The entire aesthetic and feel of the place had quite an artsy vibe to it and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I came back to the Restaurant National Winterthur, Stadthausstrasse for a delicious and extraordinary meal which was unfortunately my last meal in the country, after which with an unhappy heart I took a flight back to New Delhi.

However, I was treated so well on board my business class flight on Swiss International Air Lines that the good food, wine, movies and a lie flat seat, it just made me forget my sorrow of this holiday coming to an end.

8 solo trip

Dinner at National Winterthur

What a memorable trip it was! Solo but never alone - I will miss being this close to nature’s bounty and the sweetness of the Swiss people who always had a friendly smile and a kind word to say to everyone. This experience is etched in my heart forever and I hope that this heartfelt chronicle of my journey to this amazing country, will want to make you go #BackToNature and visit Switzerland soon!

*This is a sponsored post for Switzerland tourism.


Published on Aug 3, 2017
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