#HeSays: 19 Thoughts Guys Have When They Wake Up Next To You!

#HeSays: 19 Thoughts Guys Have When They Wake Up Next To You!

Waking up in the morning next to our girlfriends is so much better than waking up alone. Ask any guy! It’s the best feeling in the world. No, not all of us are thinking about how we would like to do this for the rest of our lives - saying that would be a lie. But let us share with you what’s really going on in our heads when we wake up to your cute, sleeping face. Enjoy reading these morning after thoughts most boyfriends have!  

1. Wait, is there someone in bed with me?

2. Oh wait, it’s her, I remember now. It’s cool.

3. It’s VERY cool actually, last night was goooood.

3 morning after thoughts - james franco so good

4. Is that morning wood? Yup, definitely morning wood.

5. Would it be rude if I wake her up for sex?

6. But she looks so cute right now.

6 morning after thoughts - nerd guy cute

7. I’m so sure she would freak out if she could see how she looked though.

8. Maybe I should take a picture!

9. Okay, no, I don’t want her to break my phone.

9 morning after thoughts - guy saying no

10. Man, I’m extra horny today.

11. AND she moves too much in her sleep. That’s just making it worse.

12. Why is her hair everywhere though?

12 morning after thoughts - beyonce hair

13. And why do I have just 1/5th of the blanket?

14. Okay, I can’t take this anymore. I’ve got to think of something…

15. Maybe I should wake her up in a way that would make her scream? You know, in a good way?

15 morning after thoughts - nicki minaj saying no

16. I would pat myself on the back but my hands are otherwise occupied.

17. Wow, that sure put her in the mood. I’m not the only one horny now! *High5*

18. Morning sex is the BEST. My girlfriend is ALSO the BEST.

18 morning after thoughts - ryan gosling clapping

19. *Yawn* Can you go back to sleep now? Or eat? Or do both?

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