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Others Vs Me: 7 Comics That Are Just TOO Funny!

Others Vs Me: 7 Comics That Are Just TOO Funny!

There are times when we all wonder how some people manage to do things so perfectly but when we try our hand at them, the outcome is hilarious... Sounds relatable, no? Well, more relatable are these ‘Me vs Others’ illustrations by a Belgium-based artist Planet Prudence that are so amusing that we couldn’t wait to share them with you. And we bet you’ll definitely see a little bit of yourself in them. So check them out now!

1. The times you try to pose like a pro!

2. The times the imitation game goes hilariously wrong!

3. The times you aren’t able to nail that matching lingerie look!

4. The times stepping out of the pool is a struggle!

5. The times your weekends are spent getting ready… For bed!

6. The times you can’t believe it’s Monday… AGAIN!

7. The times you are never able to get your eyeliner right!

How many of these are making you scream ‘me too’?

Published on Aug 26, 2017
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