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Love Makeup? These Memes Are Going To Be RELATABLE AF!

Love Makeup? These Memes Are Going To Be RELATABLE AF!

Do you love makeup more than anything in this world? That’s amazing! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of memes which we think only YOU will relate to. They’ll make you laugh and tag your besties and say ‘that’s so me!’ So ladies, are you ready to go on a laughter trip? Yay! Here are 15 makeup memes for every beauty lover.

1. Because makeup is the solution to everything.

makeup 1

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2. All you need is a tiara, a pair of stilettos and you’re ready to party the night away! #TooGlamToGiveaDamn

makeup 2

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3. OMG! You just didn’t say that. *drops him like a hot potato*

makeup 3

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4. Sure seems like an apt excuse to tell your boss, no?

makeup 4

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5. We feel you nodding in agreement, makeup queens.   

makeup 5

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6. Nothing makes you drop to the floor than a gorgeous shade on the bottom shelf!  

makeup 6

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7. One day, we’ll buy all of them. Unfortunately, today is not that day.

makeup 7

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8. The real question is, how much makeup is too much makeup?

makeup 8

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9. Can we go in and at least take a quick peek?

makeup 9

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10. Your definition of send nudes be like...

makeup 10

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11. For real, bro, don’t you DARE do it!

makeup 14

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12. I’ve got a lot of money and I ain’t afraid to spend it.

makeup 11

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13. Yep, couldn’t find a better meme that describes your two moods.

makeup 12

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14. Uh, me, myself and I?!

makeup 13

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15. Well, now you know...

makeup 15

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Published on Aug 27, 2017
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