7 Memes To Send To Your Boyfriend That’ll Make Him *Blush* | POPxo

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7 Memes To Send To Your Boyfriend That’ll Make Him *Blush*

7 Memes To Send To Your Boyfriend That’ll Make Him *Blush*

Your boyfriend is your everything. You miss him whenever you listen to a love song and you can talk to him all day long. Spending time with him on the weekends is always better than doing anything else. He makes you feel special and he makes you laugh. And so do memes, right?! Time to use an awesome way to give him the romance he actually deserves. These love memes will make him go both haha and aww...at the same time. So send these to him right away!

1. Love, love, LOVE it!

1 love memes - minion kiss

2. Well, just in case...

2 love memes - minnie blushing

3. Bae gotta understand that he’s important...

3 love memes - jacqueline and sidharth

4. When you’re getting married to him…

4 love memes -katrina kaif and sidharth malhotra dancing

5. #JustGirlfriendThings

5 love memes - sonam kapoor and fawad khan smiling

6. That’s love!

6 love memes - sidharth malhotra and alia bhatt bolna song

7. When love is too strong for anything else to matter…

7 love memes - sonam kapoor

Published on Aug 15, 2017
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