Dear Boyfriend, 15 Times YOU Are My Knight In Shining Armour!

Dear Boyfriend, 15 Times YOU Are My Knight In Shining Armour!

Dear Boyfriend,

Relationships have changed a lot over time. Let’s be honest, I don’t need protecting anymore. I’m not a damsel in distress who needs a man to rescue her. But still, sometimes, you do cute little things that totally take my breath away and make me feel like I’m loved and that you totally have my back. Here are 15 times you are my knight in shining armour!


Your Damsel (Not) In Distress

1. When I am confused between ordering two dishes at a restaurant so you, like a sweetheart, order both of them for me!

You just know how much food means to me!

1 knight in shining armour

2. When I’m in the middle of an awkward conversation with someone I’m not fond of and you come and rescue me.

You are my personal superhero!

3. When you click candid pictures of me when we’re together so that I have a million amazing pictures for Instagram.

My social media life is all thanks to you!

4. When you cheer me up after a particularly bad day at work with my favourite ice cream or just a can of beer!

You + beer = happiness!

4 knight in shining armour

5. When you text me to remind me to do an important task, like take my medicines, because you know I’m forgetful like that.

You’re my human calendar!

6. When you’re my biggest cheerleader and always push me to work harder.

And just like that working harder gets easier, all thanks to you!

7. When you make me laugh even on days when I feel like total crap and haven’t even smiled once.

Only YOU can do that!

7 knight in shining armour

8. When you put up with my mood swings during my period and do not complain about it ever, even when I give you a particularly hard time.

And get me chocolate as well!

9. When you hold my hand during a horror movie so that I’m not spooked, but in reality, you’re the one who needs the reassurance.

Something the two of us will never acknowledge out loud!

10. When you’re so charming around my family and friends, getting along with everyone, even the ones you’re not fond of.

Makes me love you more!

10 knight in shining armour

11. When you take the middle seat in the flight so that I can take the one next to the window because you know how much I love looking out of it.

Even when your legs never seem to fit!

12. When you help me decide between the red and the black dress and patiently wait for me to get dressed, even when I take hours.

Because you know the end result is worth it!

13. When you tell me I look beautiful even on days I don’t look, or feel, beautiful and that just makes my day.

Thank you for that!

13 knight in shining armour

14. When you take one look at my face and know what I’m feeling and what I need, without having to say anything.

How do you do that always?

15. When you’re just you - honest, kind and generous, and you’re perfect for me.

This is why I love you!

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