9 Kinds Of Hot, Hot, HOT Sex Every Couple Needs To Have!

9 Kinds Of Hot, Hot, HOT Sex Every Couple Needs To Have!

Every couple has a completely different way of, you know - sinking the sausage. But there are still different kinds of sex that, we believe, every couple must try at least once in their lifetime. While you might have definitely tried a few we have listed below, you could easily have missed out on the others. Make sure you get with them real soon! *wink*

1. Spontaneous sex

While we are all caught in between a mundane life, we still would like to know that there is some spark in the bedroom, right?  Impromptu sex sessions with your partner not only keep the heat alive, but it will also leave you anticipating the next session. What’s better than that? *smug face*

1 kinds of sex couples sex

2. Drunk sex

Drunk sex is by far the best sex any couple will ever have. You want to do your best and you are partially in your consciousness. Make sure you have enough alcohol to make you tipsy and not out of your senses. Also, don’t forget to use protection, regardless!

3. The makeup sex

Well, this one will definitely make the fight worthwhile. Is there any way more productive way to get all that anger out?

3 kinds of sex coupes oral

4. The rough sex

These are times when it’s too hard to resist and it ends up being rough and SO hot! This is one of those unexpected times when you don’t know but still end up having the hottest sex. Of course, you don’t need to try it if you like it mellow but in case you’ve been wondering what it feels like, go ahead and give it a shot.

5. Morning sex

Getting some good sex in the start of the day does good things to you. And since you get at it in the start of the day, you have a lot of energy and passion to begin with. Things can only get better after this! And if they don’t, well, you had a great start!

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6. The Quickie

Sometimes all you need is that 10 minute session to get things going. Every couple should know the art of quick love making to make it really hot and steamy.

7. Just oral sex

Sometimes all you need is a big dose of simple oral sex to keep you going. Not to forget, girls love it as much as men do. So, it will be great for every couple to have a night where they are just experimenting with oral sex.

7 kinds of sex mila kunis

8. The role play sex

It’s great to experiment with a role play session which in turn gives HOT, hot sex. Time to be a teacher, nurse, student - whatever you want!

9. Car sex

We all have, or we all want to try car sex because it is one of the most amazing sex. It’s in the moment, it’s great and it’s something every couple must try atleast once if they haven’t!

9 kinds of sex couples car

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