#KajalFacts: Everything You Need To Know About Your Fave Beauty Product!

#KajalFacts: Everything You Need To Know About Your Fave Beauty Product!

Almost every Indian woman’s favourite beauty product is the kajal. After all, what’s not to love about this make-up item? It’s a staple cosmetic wonder that helps women flaunt their most expressive asset, their eyes, and flaunt it in the sexiest way possible, too. If you love wearing kohl as much as we do, these 9 kajal facts will certainly interest you!

1. Kajal is made from natural ingredients and soot. Due to its organic nature, the original and pure version helps protect eyes from catching an infection. Plus, when applied, it gives a soothing and cooling effect.

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2. The term kohl is derived from the Arabic name ‘kuhl’. While the Persian word for it is ‘sormeh’, it’s popularly known as ‘kajal’ in South Asia.

3. Traditionally, kajal was first used in Egypt since 3100 B.C. The Egyptians regarded kajal as an adornment and as a cure for eye ailments. They used large amounts of it to line the upper and lower lash lines as they believed it would protect their eyes from the sun. This was known as the ‘Galene eye paint.’

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4. Apart from ancient Egypt, many African tribes used kajal too. Not on their eyes though, but they used it to draw distinct lines around the forehead, nose and other body parts.

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5. In India, depending on the language and region, kajal has several other names. For example, it’s called ‘surma’ in Punjabi, ‘kanmashi’ in Malayalam, ‘kaatuka’ in Telugu, ‘kan mai’ in Tamil and ‘kaadige’ in Kannada.

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6. In some parts of India, Kajal is used as a dot around a child’s head and neck. This is done to ‘protect the child from evil’.

7. Bharatanatyam and Kathakali dancers apply heavy eye makeup and use lots of kajal so that their eyes stand out and appear larger, bolder and more dramatic during a performance.

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8. Kohl is available in the form of chubby sticks, pencils, gel and powder. However, the most common kohl available in the market comes in the form of a pencil. The kind that can be sharpened and the other that can be twisted.

9. Today, foreign brands like MAC, Bobbi Brown, Maybelline and Chanel have popularized and glamorised the term ‘kohl’ in their eye liner range. In fact, most of them have even named them as ‘kohl eye pencils.’

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