I Gave Up Sugar For A Month And This Is What Happened…

I Gave Up Sugar For A Month And This Is What Happened…

As a teenager I’d been fit - I used to swim and go on regular runs with my father. But once I joined college, my body clock went haywire and everything stopped. I stopped working out, I started eating more and more junk, and eat more in general (I'm a stress-eater). In short, I ruined my body.

I have a sweet tooth and need to have something sweet after almost every meal. And as I was eating a lot anyway, there was nobody to stop me from having the sugar I (thought) deserved. Hence, I started gaining weight and didn't really care what I was doing until recently.

It's sad to see what I did to myself. I started having body image issues and constant nagging from people I know didn't help either.

I'm all for promoting every kind of body image, but obesity is not really good for you, is it? You're putting your life in danger, it's nothing to be proud of or boast about. When my BMI showed me that I was moderately obese, I decided that enough was enough and made a plan to get fit again - I was back to the grind.

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After a month of workout, I decided that I should test myself and give up the thing I loved the most - sugar. After abusing my body for so many years, I thought it deserved this much. So, from that moment I decided to give up sugar for a month which included chocolates, cakes, sweetened coffee, ice creams, flavoured eatables and packaged sugar.

I had major withdrawal symptoms (not that I was addicted, but I love to exaggerate sometimes). The first few days were the hardest but I forced my brain to not give in and stay calm. I replaced sugar with fat and made sure that I had a good combination of eggs, meat, fruits and veggies. Slowly, the urge to have something sweet subsided and I was comfortable with not consuming sugar. I also stopped feeling the urge to scan the fridge and look for something sweet, which was a huge deal for me! I felt energized, my skin looked better and I felt great, too.

Now, after a month of going sugar free, I’ve decided that this is going to be my way of life. Of course, I’ll have a few cheat days. It’s okay to have something sweet once or twice in a month as according to me, going completely sugar free for a long time is not a great idea.

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