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Here’s How Yoga Completely Transformed My Body… And Mind!

Here’s How Yoga Completely Transformed My Body… And Mind!

Working out was never fun until I found myself losing all the cellulite I’d gained after eating too much flour - in various forms. Fried in papdis, baked in pizzas and pasta and steamed as noodles. It was my new year resolution and before I got started, I thought I am never going to be able to achieve it!

My mother had been coaxing me to start Yoga for the longest time because she believed Baba Ramdev (aka the TV remote) had the power to transform my body. Her argument? If I did Yoga, I could continue to eat all the pooris and papads she fried and fed me continually. Nope, that obviously did not happen.

I started off my weight loss journey by joining an aerobics class with a friend. It was a combination of exercises… HIIT, step aerobics, weights and other similar stuff. With that, I got into the habit, but being inside a room with jarring music wasn’t my cuppa tea. At least, not for the long haul. So I left it after two months and went back to running.

Since I’d been running for a significant part of my life, I thought I was quite flexible. Partially, also because I could always touch my feet without bending my knee, I felt quite ‘fit’ as well. But it all came crashing down because I still hadn’t built my stamina to run even 5 Km without feeling like my lungs would explode!

So I finally gave in and tried Yoga! And that’s when I realized how stiff my body had been all these years. I couldn’t bend my spine in Ardha Chandrasana (half moon pose), nor could I flex my thighs when I tried Virabhadrasana (the warrior pose) and I could feel all my muscles screech when my teacher asked me to do Tadasana (standing side bend). He didn’t even try the Surya Namaskar and wrapped up a one hour class in thirty-five minutes telling me he’ll take another class tomorrow.

Though the second class has a story of its own because of how sore my muscles were, I think my tryst with Yoga was strengthened after that and my bond only grew stronger.

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I started practicing it three times a week and I can’t define how it has changed my body. I can bend, do a great stretch and not just that… my energy level is at an all time high and I feel active and light.

I did join it to lose weight, and I have, but not in the traditional sense of the term. Of course, I’ve shed kilos but that’s not necessarily due to Yoga. It’s a mix of cutting down on fatty food, sugar, and a 5k run twice a week! But if you’d ask me to tell you how Yoga has contributed to my health, well it’s given me so much patience, a sense of calm and something to challenge my body every day without ever feeling demotivated. Physically, it’s made my body so much curvier than how it used to be, toned my legs and even taken the fat off my arms!

You might not be ‘into’ Yoga, but go for that one ‘life changing’ class! I really hope you do.