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I Tried A Diet That Made Me Lose *3 Kilos* In A Month!

I Tried A Diet That Made Me Lose *3 Kilos* In A Month!

I have always been a girl who loves to eat. Well, you know what they say - ‘People who love to eat are the best people’ (Yeah, I fall under the ‘best people’ category *smug*) So, my love for food is eternal and ordering in a Joey’s special (aka two pizzas) is my favourite thing to do on the weekends!

As a kid, I used to love to eat but didn’t really worry about losing weight because that’s what kids do right? After a point of time, I realised that the ‘baby fat’ isn’t very baby-like anymore and I started working out intensely. When I had time on my hands, I realized I should make the most of it. So the break between Class 12 and college, I lost a whopping 12 kg and started college with a really fit (and slim) body.


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While I was eating junk almost every day in college, I could compensate by working out four times a week. But college ended and I started on my first job which actually gave me no time to hit the gym. Incase you don’t know, my beautiful office is in one of the most amazing places in Delhi - Hauz Khas Village and needless to say, there is one awesome place for every little craving of mine! This and not taking out enough time for workout caused me to gain almost 10 kgs within a course of 8 - 9 months. It got to me when my college friends met me after a while and told me how much weight I have gained.

While I knew I could still not gather enough time for my fitness regime, I knew I could try out a diet. Considering how impatient I am in life, I decided on trying the Ketogenic diet which according to some people, works wonders! So, I started with my diet and wanted to continue for some time. To begin with, let me tell you in short what this diet is all about. In this diet, you have to completely give up on carbohydrates and include fat in your meals by forcing your body into a state known as ketosis. So, your body basically breaks down fat to give you energy. Sounds good right? Only consuming fat? Well, it wasn’t as easy I thought it would be.


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So, my breakfast included egg whites with cheese. I had a bowl of yellow dal for lunch and kebabs for dinner. I replaced my egg whites with bread on some days because I didn’t want my body to get used to having no carbs at all. I would have my last meal at 8 PM and have the next meal at 9 AM. Sounds easy right? But it was really hard to skip rotis and rice for such a long time. However, I rewarded myself with one full cheat day on the weekends only if I strictly followed my diet all through the week!

While I lost 3 kgs in just one month, I personally feel that every girl should think twice before going on such a strict diet. It started with major mood swings in the first few weeks because of the carb withdrawal but I eventually got used to it. As for me, it was a great diet and showed instant results but I advise you to go on this diet on breaks and give your body a little rest. However, in the longer run, the best way to actually stay fit is by having a balanced diet along with a little bit of workout. Stay healthy, ladies!


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Published on Aug 7, 2017
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