I Tried 7 Body Language Hacks During Sex - So You Don’t Have To!

I Tried 7 Body Language Hacks During Sex - So You Don’t Have To!

Body language helps you do tons of things in life. The right kind of body language could land you a job or get your crush crushing over you and even help you be more confident during sex. Or so we think. I decided to try and use some of the famous body language hacks in the bedroom and see how that makes me and my boyfriend feel. And, well, you’d better read for yourself!

1. The ‘bend over, hips out’ pose!

This is a fairly simple one. You get on your bed, face your man, bend down on all fours and elevate your hips. This helps accentuate your waist and hips. And that is exactly what I did. ‘How do I look?’ I asked my boyfriend who was looking at me with a quizzical expression. ‘How do you look in reference to what you are wearing?’ he asked, ‘Nooo,’ I said, giving him a little wink, ‘Babe, have you been drinking?’ ‘No, silly! My pose! How do I look crouching on the bed like this?’ I finally asked. ‘Oh, is that what you’re doing? You should have told me, I would have paid attention. Your hands, by the way, need to be placed parallel to each other on either side if crouching is what you want to do.’ I exhaled a deep breath. ‘But, hey, great butt!’ he said. Well, I guess, something good came out of it!

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2. Whispering in his ear…

So I know dirty talk is a huge thing but I have given it a shot a couple of times. Though it has worked well over texts, in person it can get quite confusing. So, I decided I would mix it up with some sexy body language this time. I tried arching my back but that meant getting my face away from his...in the middle of a kiss. My face was now directly over his head and he was so confused about what I was trying to do. ‘That feels great, doesn’t it?’ I whispered. ‘What does?’ he asked. ‘This!’ I said moving my legs around his waist. He pulled me down and asked, ‘Does my breath smell or something? Is that why you stopped kissing?’ ‘Gosh, no! I was just trying to talk dirty!’ I told him. ‘You’re reading too many of those magazines again,’ he sighed. And that is how our dirty talk came to an end.

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3. Flipping my hair!

This one I have seen in movies and TV shows lots of times. Even in F.R.I.E.N.D.S.! Now point to be noted, I don’t have long hair. Fairly medium, at the most. I tied it up in a short ponytail and when we were getting down to it, I got on top of him and pulled out my band (along with a couple of my hair strands!) But since my hair had been tied up for so long, instead of flowing down like a river, it retained the shape of the ponytail and fell down like a lump. So I guess a hair spa would be a prerequisite for when you want to flip your hair in bed.

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4. Walking away with my hips out!

This is a little trick I learned from Rachel Green (in F.R.I.E.N.D.S., of course!). Basically you tell your guy that you are just going to the washroom right before things are getting hot (or if you are out on a date) and when walking away jutt your hips out so he can’t help but look! Right while we were kissing and about to take things a step further, I told him I would just be back from the washroom and kissed him on the lips. To be honest, this was one trick I totally pulled off. I straightened my back and jutt my hips out just the right amount. And I was almost feeling like Beyonce before I turned around and saw that as soon as I got up he had flipped open his phone to play FIFA!! I guess it also wouldn’t hurt to check or at least inform the man that he has to look.

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5. Striking a power pose!

On a regular day, I am a big fan of any power pose. They look oh-so-amazing. Just check out superwoman with her hands on her hips and head held high if you disagree. That’s a woman who knows exactly how to add the power to her pose. Standing there with my hands on my waist, I thought I looked exactly like her. Unfortunately, that’s also what my boyfriend thought. ‘Hey you look like superwoman! All you need is a cape!’ he guffawed. Needless to say, we ended up watching the movie instead of having sex that night!

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6. Biting my lower lip!

Who thought this was sexy? Like no, please, I want to know why biting my lower lip is supposed to make me feel sexy. This hack is another one of the illusions movies have given us. They make it look effortless but biting my lower lip is far far away from being effortless! And I learnt that the hard way. So when I bit my lower lip for the first time while talking to my boyfriend, it was so light that I thought he had hardly noticed it. Hence, I bit harder. And ouch! That was a bad idea is all I can say. If you’re planning to bite your lower lip, well, gentle is the way to go!

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7. Smiling often?!

Even when I looked at my face in the mirror trying to practice what kind of a sensual smile I was going to pass onto him, I thought this was right up there on the list of creepy things I have done in my life. How often is often anyway? When do I need to stop smiling? Because I totally did the whole laughing at his jokes, touching his arm bit and since on a regular day we converse more through slight insults, my boyfriend genuinely wondered if it was his birthday! Ah, well!

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