What Happened When I Made Out With My Date’s Roommate!

What Happened When I Made Out With My Date’s Roommate!

I was set up on a very random date by one of my colleagues. Abhishek and I went out for a few drinks, dinner and then we went back to his place for a couple of more drinks. It was a completely regular date until we went back to his place. Now if you are wondering why I would go back to a guy’s place after one date then you should know that I had met him before - at parties and stuff. We just hadn’t been out on a date with each other yet. Anyway, the story got interesting only after I went to his house so I guess it was worth it.

We were at his place, talking over a drink when Abhay walked in. Abhay was Abhishek’s flatmate and the minute I saw him, I was smitten. I know, I know. I was on a date with Abhishek and crushing on Abhay. But I couldn’t help it, when I saw him and he came and talked to us, I knew there was something there. It was that easy natural connection that just comes on its own and is so rare to find!

Abhay joined us and the three of us talked for a long time before I called for a cab and headed back home. The next morning I woke up to two friend requests on my Facebook - one from Abhishek and the other from Abhay. My heart skipped a beat and I laughed. I did talk to both of them but I started talking to Abhay more than Abhishek. In a couple of days, we planned to meet as well. And we kept meeting. Abhishek, by now, was only the background with us talking over messages a couple of times. Eventually, Abhay called me to his place for a cup of coffee one day. I agreed. I did consider how Abhishek would feel about it but then I didn’t consider it would be that important, considering we’d been on a date only once.

Internal - hooked up

I reached their house and was relieved to see Abhishek wasn’t home. Abhay and I talked and watched a few TV shows together and it was so much fun! We liked the same kind of things and enjoyed each other’s company. While watching another show his hand touched mine and before we knew it, we were kissing each other. And then, Abhishek walked in through the door.

The three of us just looked at each other feeling super duper awkward! Abhishek said ‘hi’ and I said it back and then he went inside his room. I felt extremely bad, I could only imagine what he was feeling! Abhay and I discussed and decided it was best for me to leave and we could talk later.

The whole evening I kept wondering about Abhishek because all I wanted to do was say sorry to him. I messaged Abhay but he didn’t reply. Finally I decided to message Abhishek on my own, after all, it was also kind of my fault.

‘Abhishek, I am really sorry about whatever happened today. I want you to know that neither Abhay nor I wanted to hurt you in anyway. In retrospect, it would have been better if we had told you that we were talking and meeting. I hope you can forgive us!’ I typed and sent it to him. He didn’t reply for the entire night. Neither did Abhay. The next morning, however, I saw that both of them had replied.

‘Hey, I know what you mean. Abhay took me out last night and we talked about it. He is a great guy and if things didn’t work out between us that’s okay, of course. I will be seeing you around then, I think!’ Abhishek’s message said.

‘Hey there! Sorry I didn’t reply on time. I was out with Abhishek. We talked about everything and I told him the truth. I really like you, by the way, in case you did not know that by now. And I think he understood it all. Yesterday was awkward but it’s all cool now. How about we meet up for coffee this evening?’ Abhay’s message followed.

I giggled, this was the weirdest beginning to any kind of relationship - where I went out with one guy, hooked up with his roommate and then finally started dating the roommate. But to hell with that, as long as there is a fun story to tell, right? *wink*

*Names changed to protect privacy

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