Confessions Of A Girl Who Got Proposed To… During Sex!

Confessions Of A Girl Who Got Proposed To… During Sex!

I checked the time when I got finally got home that Friday - it was 10:35 pm. On top of having too many deadlines that week, the traffic had been insane too. I walked in, dumped my bag on the sofa, slipped off my heels on my way to my bedroom and just about cried when I fell on my bed with exhaustion. I was just a few seconds away from dozing off when my phone vibrated - it was my boyfriend, texting me to ask if he should leave from his house.

See, I live with my parents, but since both of them are retired now, they travel almost every month. Their latest trip being a week long vacation to Colombo. It was their second trip there this year and I think they were seriously just considering moving there. The advantage of them taking so many trips was, of course, that I got the house all to myself (which is also a disadvantage when you think about all the extra chores I had to do). My boyfriend of 3 years was ecstatic about this, obviously and made sure he kept his days free when they were away.

I sighed when I saw his text. Sex was just so far away from my mind but I wasn’t one to waste a good opportunity either. It was Friday after all, I was only working half day on Saturday. I texted him to leave in 10 minutes as I walked into the bathroom, taking my clothes off as I went. Usually, I might have been neater - but it was already established that my boyfriend was the more organized one so I had given up trying completely by now.

I stepped under the hot water, relaxing for the first time that day… Only for a few minutes though, as I knew Aryan would be reaching soon. His house was barely 10 minutes away from mine. I got dressed in oversized tee and shorts and walked into the kitchen to see if there was anything to eat. I was just checking if the green curry from two days ago was okay to eat, when the bell rang. I buzzed him in, and went back to raiding the fridge - I would have to order if I didn’t find anything there and that would take forever!! But I think the universe had decided that I had had enough for one day - Aryan walked in carrying two huge bags in his hands.

‘Hey! How was your day?’ he asked. I literally skipped to him and took the bags to see what was in them, and sure enough, one of them was from our favourite local chinese takeout place and the other one was from the grocery story - just chips and maggi and the regular things I can’t live without.

‘Do you know how much I love you right now?’ I asked, ignoring his previous questions. I hated talking about work when I was tired. Nothing good came out of it.

‘I know, I know. I’m the best boyfriend ever. Your mom actually told me there was no Maggi in the house when I texted her, so you can thank her too.’

‘Oh, sorry, I wasn’t talking to you. I was talking to the Chinese!’ I replied, shrugging.

Internal proposed to during sex

He laughed and dragged me (I hadn’t put down the food bag yet) to my room. He made me sit on the bed and then got cutlery from the kitchen. It barely took him 2 minutes but I was already scarfing down the chicken spring rolls. He rolled his eyes, spread a newspaper on my bed and we proceeded to stuff our faces.

We’ve always had a rule to not push for sex after eating too much. He knows I overeat when I’m hungry (which is all the time) and tend to just lie there and put in zero effort, even if we do decide to go for it. By the time he had put the dishes in the sink, I was passed out - my sexy (okay, well, nicer) lingerie under my plain clothes totally forgotten.

I don’t remember what time I woke up, it was still dark outside. I almost went back to sleep but I could feel Aryan’s warm body behind me and it doesn’t really take a lot to turn a girl on, who hasn’t had sex in a week. It took me less than half a minute to wake him up - he knew what was on my mind as soon his eyes opened. I helped take his boxers off as soon as I had taken all of my clothes off. He was full of energy suddenly so he turned us around and took charge. And while I enjoy nothing more than letting him do that most of the time, I thought he deserved a treat for being extra amazing that night. Which is why, after a few minutes of missionary, I pushed him away and moved on top of him - but in reverse cowgirl. By now, there was a bit of light filtering in from between the curtain and I could tell by his groans that he was enjoying not just the feeling but also the view. He moved his hands to my ass as I grinded on him and he spanked me a few times. I turned my body around, without letting him slip out and he just couldn’t control himself then. His hands guided my hips while I took support of the headboard. After a few minutes of that (yes, the boy has stamina, ladies) I moved my hand to his chest and stopped moving. I was out of breath and…

‘Is it weird that I’m hungry again?’ I asked him.

‘Are you serious right now?’

I started moving slowly again as I talked, ‘You know, I think there is a box of that pancake mix in the kitchen. You’ll make them for breakfast, na?’

He turned us around so I had my back on the bed and he was on top again.

‘I’ll make breakfast for the rest of our lives if you just shut up about food for two minutes.’

All I heard was ‘yes’ so I happily went back to what we were doing. Five minutes later, lying on our backs (I had pushed him to his side after telling him we were too sweaty to cuddle) and sharing a cigarette, he said, ‘You know I was serious, right? About breakfast for the rest of our lives?’

I laughed. ‘Sure, but we barely ever get to wake up together, Aryan.’

‘Yeah, but we could change that. We could get married. This december! And then you’ll get breakfast in bed everyday. Just imagine that.’

I really broke into giggles now. ‘You’re just saying that so you can get morning sex everyday.’

‘Taanu, I was being serious, stop laughing at me. Will you marry me?’

I stopped laughing and just looked at him. He was being serious. What an idiot. ‘Are you stupid? This is how you’ll propose to me? You know we’ll never get married that way, right? At least put some effort in it, Aru. This is so silly! My mom will ask, “Oh, how did he propose?” And what will I say? It’s not gonna be that easy to get me to marry you, okay.’ As it is to get me to have sex with you, I added in my head.  

He thought for a minute and I felt like he finally understood that I needed that elaborate proposal most girls say is overrated. It was definitely not overrated in my eyes. ‘Fineee. So, say, I ask again, when I have clothes on, you have clothes on, and I haven’t sneaked into you house and we haven’t just had sex… Will you say yes?’

‘We’ll see… But there needs to be a ring involved. Nobody likes that much of spontaneity also.’

‘Cool,’ was all he said to this. But he looked rather pleased with himself, so I kicked him off the bed as I yelled, ‘What cool? Go make my pancakes!’

This was about 2 weeks ago. And just last week, he managed to convince me to book my tickets for a trip to Italy in September. I’m trying not to read too much into it but let’s see…

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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