10 *Fun* Ways To Get Your Rishta Meeting Conversation Going!

10 *Fun* Ways To Get Your Rishta Meeting Conversation Going!

Ladies, if there was ever a time you *needed* to talk, it’s now! We hope to prep you enough for that ‘rishta’ meeting so you can at least get to know him better. Only if you guys converse properly, can you even think further or consider, right? Right! Now pay attention and it’ll all go smoothly. These handy tips on how to start a conversation in a rishta meeting will definitely help, we promise!

1. ‘Thank God we met in the evening, I’m not capable of functioning like a normal human in the morning!’

Perfect way to keep it light, give him an insight into your habits, AND to give him an opening to talk about his own habits/tastes. Besides, he’ll (hopefully) appreciate your humour and candour.

2. ‘Be honest! What would you rather be doing right now?!’

You are free to be cheeky and ask direct questions like that as long as you don’t intimidate him. A smart guy will be able to floor you here by convincing you that he is already doing what he wants to do. Irrespective, it gives you both the chance to start it all on a super honest note.

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3. ‘I am let down by how normal this seems. I was expecting it to feel much more filmy!’

That’s a real nice way to let him know you are comfortable. It’s also a great way to find out how he’s feeling without having to ask directly!

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4. ‘I’ve been told I talk too much, so feel free to interrupt! Can’t promise it’ll make me stop though!’

You’re on fire, girl! Cool, calm, confident and owning your personality like a boss! Let’s see where he takes it from here.

5. ‘What’s your idea of chilling? And yes, Netflix reruns is an appropriate answer!’

The trick to asking him whatever you want is to do it in a nonchalant way with humour and witty quips. This should make him feel like opening up to you.

6. ‘I never really listen to my parents, but this evening is making me think I should reconsider that strategy!’

So you paid him a compliment – good job! Let’s see if he reciprocates. Getting to know another person isn’t just about getting to know their hobbies and routines, you know!

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7. ‘How addicted are you to social media?’

Simple, straightforward but so damn insightful! In the world we live in today, it is SO important to find out if he’s at par with the times or not. Besides, this will open up so many streams of topics. Which social media are you both on? Do you both check Instagram as soon as you wake up? Does he get his news updates from twitter? Ah – the endless possible ways this discussion could go and to think one simple question started it!

8. ‘Do you have friends who are just waiting for you to text them after you’re done here?!’

What a guy says about his friends says A LOT about him! You’ll learn a lot by the way he answers this question. But be warned, he could also say that he hasn’t told anyone he’s meeting you and you should be okay with that. Don’t take it negatively.

9. ‘What was your childhood like?’

While this is a very open ended question, it’s always a great conversation starter. It can reveal a lot about a person and will tell you if he comes from a happy, loving home. Maybe he was a topper in school, or maybe he was the brat of the family. It’s up to him how much he wants to reveal to you, but whatever he does will definitely help you know him better.

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10. ‘I’ve got to ask you this super important question. On a scale of 1-100, how much of a foodie are you?’

Going by the adage that people who love to eat are the best people, we found it imperative to include this question. It could lead to you guys bonding on restaurants and cuisines and could even lead to your next meeting plan. We bet he didn’t see this question coming because you started with ‘I’ve got to ask you…’ and we bet you threw him off guard. Ah well, it’s okay. He’ll get used to you in due time, if all goes well and all. What say?

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