Introducing Him To Your Parents? These 10 Tips Are ALL You Need!

Introducing Him To Your Parents? These 10 Tips Are ALL You Need!

It’s finally time to introduce your guy to your parents. You have a rollercoaster of emotions inside you; you are excited that they would finally be meeting each other and nervous hoping that the meeting goes well and everything goes smoothly. To make this time easy for you, we have a few tips on how you can handle this meeting and make sure everyone stays calm and composed.  

1. Prepare him well

They are your parents and nobody knows them better than you. Brief him with information about your family, their likes and dislikes. If your boyfriend and your dad share a similar interest, let him know the same so that they can break the ice using that topic and start a discussion.

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2. Brief your parents

Just like you briefed and prepared your boyfriend, it is time for you to do the same with your parents. Tell them about his likes and dislikes, what he is studying and what are his future plans. This really helps to get the conversation started.

3. Avoid it becoming an interview

Since you would be the only one who knows both sides extremely well, you need to play the role of a mediator. Your boyfriend would be nervous already and he would be trying really hard to impress your parents. Your parents on the other hand would have a list of questions to ask him. Step in as the mediator and try avoiding the situation becoming like an interview. Make the flow of questions easy and comfortable.

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4. Avoid controversial issues

Your father and your boyfriend might have different political views which might lead to a heated discussion. Or it could be another topic where you know that both of them have strong opinions that don’t match! Brief your boyfriend in advance and tell him to not even come close to bringing up any such topic.

5. Don’t keep the meeting very long

Since it would be the first time they would be meeting each other, it’s better to keep it short and simple. We advise you make them meet over coffee as that really can’t last very long. A longer duration meeting could lead to awkward pauses and silent moments.

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6. Show affection for each other and avoid PDA

Show your parents how much you both care for each other. He can pull the chair for you and you can help him order food for himself. But don’t make it awkward for your parents by indulging in PDA! A small hug to greet each other is fine, but avoid holding hands and sitting too close to each other during the meeting.

7. Guide the conversation

If you feel your dad had an experience which your boyfriend might be keen and interested in hearing, ask your dad to narrate the experience. Or if you feel your boyfriend had an experience which would interest your parents, ask him to talk about the same. This would help in involving everyone in the conversation.

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8. Become the guinea pig

Initiate conversations which would make you the guinea pig and would have everyone pulling your leg. Let your mom share embarrassing stories of you as a kid. Sharing a light moment together and having a good laugh will only make the meeting more memorable.

9. Dress to impress

Ash him to dress as gentleman. Parents are concerned whether the man their daughter is dating, is respectful to their daughter as well as elders. He dressing up like a true gentleman would instantly leave a lasting impression on your parents. It should look like he did spend time and took effort to dress to impress!

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10. Make the best of it

Stay calm and composed during the meeting. It is fine to keep your fingers crossed hoping that everything goes well, but at the same time, enjoy the moment too. This moment would never come again. And who knows, your parents and your boyfriend might be sitting together in a few years laughing over how awkward things were when they first met!

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