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THIS App Tells You When Someone *Unfollows* You On Instagram!

THIS App Tells You When Someone *Unfollows* You On Instagram!

Instagram has lately become the one stop app for discovering new talent, becoming an overnight sensation and even creating an online portfolio. Say you are building an Instagram following or are just on there to keep in touch with friends, wouldn't you be curious about your followers?

Noticed your Instagram followers list skimming down lately? Instagram, today, has more uses than just photo sharing. Being an Instagram celebrity you need to tread cautiously with your content, so you don't lose already engaged followers. But hey, you can't please everyone! You might need to know who and what kind of followers stopping following you. With that, you can change or improve your strategy immediately. When it comes to personal reasons, you would like to know how many of your friends are still viewing your holiday photos or just your crazy selfies!

But this app in the market allows you to do just that! The Followers+ app, with its free version, allows you to measure the engagement you have had over the previous week with numbers like total likes, average photos per week, average likes per photo, ghost followers and so on.

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In terms of insights you have the numbers for followers, people you follow back, the followers you have lost and when, and also the number of new followers you got.

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All these tabs have details on who the users are and when they have had any interaction with you on Instagram.

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If you wish to go Pro, the insights available on the app are numbers likes top likers, top commenters, friends posting near you, new people you should follow, users you have unfollowed and more.

4 unfollowed you on instagram

Go ahead, download the APK file for the app or find it on the PlayStore to up your Insta game!