First Night Ideas - 11 First Night Tips To Feel More Confident & Sexy In Bed!

First Night Ideas - 11 First Night Tips To Feel More Confident & Sexy In Bed!

Okay, so you are bound to be nervous about your wedding night, and we can totally understand why! It’s going to be your first night of passionate lovemaking with your hubby and you obviously want it to be steamy and awesome. So, to help you ease out a bit, we have these 11 amazing first night tips or how to do first night tips to help you feel confident in bed on your first night. Read on to find out what to do in first night.

First Night Ideas - Tip 1: Play with those tresses

Although hair tied up in a messy bun or a ponytail may sound like a more practical thing to do for a night of passionate sex, a sexy hair flip while you’re at it, can make the whole experience extremely sensuous! Occasionally, twist a lock of your hair around your finger and see your darling husband go crazy! This is one of the most famous first night ideas and a must-try too!

1 comfortable in bed playing with hair

First Night Ideas - Tip 2: Dress up in racy lingerie

Now we know you must have thought about this, but we just want to reiterate on just how important it is as first night ideas. Dressing up in a pair of too-hot-to-handle lingerie will not only turn on your hubby immensely (Oh God, you have no idea!), but will also make you feel like a Goddess. Just make sure that your sexy lingerie is also comfortable to wear!

First Night Ideas - Tip 3: Put your sultry voice on!

We are not telling you to be something you’re not, oh God, no! Just unleash your inner sultress and bring her forth, when in bed. Whisper sweet nothings, or talk dirty to him in your huskiest voice and watch the magic unfold...

3 comfortable in bed sexy girl

First Night Ideas - Tip 4: Keep that eye contact

Eye contact is a MUST while making love to your partner. It will be super awkward if you are having some awesome action under the sheets, but you are staring at the roof. Look into your husband’s eyes, let him know how much you are enjoying the moment and see him take you on a complete ride (in more ways than one!) *wink*

First Night Ideas - Tip 5: Show him that gorgeous smile of yours

Your hubby loves your smile, and we are sure you don’t have any doubts about that. Every now and then, even when things get out of hand, surprise him with a warm smile. It will not only help you both relax but will also ease you into the action!

5 comfortable in bed couple laughing

First Night Ideas - Tip 6: Strip off real slow, but without making it look like a big deal!

One of the most popular first night ideas, this could be a little tricky to pull off, but it’s so worth the effort. Do not make haste while taking your clothes off. Do it very slowly and sensuously. It will build up your husband’s anticipation and will only lead to some mind-blowing sex afterwards.

First Night Ideas - Tip 7: Check yourself out in the mirror in all your sexy glory

Hair open, racy lingerie in place and the right attitude! Just look at yourself, woman! You are the epitome of sensuality, a seductress of the highest order. The moment your husband sets his eyes on you, he will go nuts about you. And will definitely not be able to keep his hands off you the whole night, we promise!

7 comfortable in bed girl seeing herself in mirror

First Night Ideas - Tip 8: Read some erotica before the big night

When your mind is turned on, your body automatically follows suit. So to build up that sexual energy, read some racy erotica beforehand. Not only is there a chance of you learning some great moves from it (it’s a possibility, come on!), but it will also help you calm your nerves before the big night. Do try!

First Night Ideas - Tip 9: Dim the lights

We totally get that you might be a little uncomfortable going all out on your first night. Especially if it’s an arranged marriage and you’ve never done this before! Dimming the lights will create a very sexy aura in the room and will help you relax and carry on without a worry in the world. It will also help in finding the answer to the question how to do first night!

9 comfortable in bed dim lights sex

First Night Ideas - Tip 10: Splurge on a sexy perfume

Nothing spells seduction better than a sexy perfume. Our mind has a tendency to associate memories to fragrances. So every time you put on that perfume, your husband will be transported back to the night of passionate sex and we are sure you know what that means - another night of wild lovemaking!

First Night Ideas - Tip 11: Show off your curves, don’t hide them!

Believe it or not, you are gorgeous! Show off those curves, girl while gently applying lotion on your legs. Better still, ask him to help you out in the process. These seemingly innocent acts will make your night go from wow to WOAH!

11 comfortable in bed sexy girl in bed

So, which one of these will you try?

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