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10 Things Boyfriends Say That Are Oh. So. HOT.

Arya Khanna

Guest Contributor

Sometimes men can say things that make you want to pull out your hair and sometimes they say things that make you wonder - what does that even mean?! But at other times they say things that absolutely, positively make our toes curl with joy and passion both! Here are 10 of those hot things boyfriends say!

1. ‘I’ve been waiting for you all day long!’

And we’ve been waiting for you all our lives!

1 hot things boyfriends say - girl blushing

2. ‘Do you know how hot your smile makes me feel?’

That’s one of the reasons we’re smiling all day long!

3. ‘I’ve got pizza, wine and my arms waiting in bed for you tonight.’

Soulmate alert!

4. ‘I can’t handle myself when I am around you.’

Good news, that one!

4 hot things boyfriends say - blushing

5. ‘I want to be over and inside you!’

Someone turn on the fan, it’s getting hot in here!

6. ‘I love the way you taste.’

Oddly hot that one, isn’t it?

7. ‘Can you tell how much I want you right now?’

Please do elaborate!

7 hot things boyfriends say - blushing selena gomez

8. ‘You have no idea how crazy you make me!’

Maybe we do…

9. ‘I can’t believe you will be all mine tonight.’

You better believe it, boy - because it is true!

10. ‘You look absolutely delicious in those pants.’

Don’t mind being eaten up, do we? *wink*

10 hot things boyfriends say - blushing fifty shades

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Published on Aug 19, 2017
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