#MyStory: I Saw Him Kiss Another Girl Two Days After Our Breakup

#MyStory: I Saw Him Kiss Another Girl Two Days After Our Breakup

No matter how long or short a relationship is, it takes a lot of courage to let go!  When my one-year-old relationship with this guy ended, it left me in a lot of pain because just when you think that things are getting a little serious, boom! Life happens!

So, here is a little backdrop to our story. We were best friends before we started dating each other and unlike other guys, I expected him to be honest and respectful of my past. He knew that none of my previous relationships had worked in my favour. THIS guy knew it all and was never meant to hurt me.

Even though I didn't wish to get into another relationship, I was lured by this thing everyone keeps talking about - being in love with your best friend. We both had always talked about how compatible we were and how if we date, it will be the best relationship ever! So, we just took the plunge!

However, things didn’t really work out in the best way possible and we broke up over something so silly that it makes me want to cringe. I tried to be as mature as I could and handle the situation like an adult.

Soon after that, we had to attend a party as a couple for which we both went separately. The breakup had hit me really hard by then, however, I tried to pull myself together knowing that I'd get to see him. He was clearly not thinking along similar lines as I saw him standing in the corner of the room talking to another girl. I gave myself a million excuses and tried being mature about the whole situation but I was still a tad jealous. Okay, really jealous.

Internal he kissed another girl

Before I could calm myself, I saw him kiss her. Yes! My worst nightmare was right in front of my eyes. I have always been a sensitive person and this shook me inside out. I was shaking while I was there so I decided to leave. Yes! I know he no longer needs to think before doing anything in life but two days is a bit too early, no? Anyway, even though the incident still makes me feel uncomfortable, I have learned that no matter what happens, the end of a relationship will never not hurt.  

I don't know if I will ever be able to look at him with as much respect or not. Or maybe someday, we meet at a party and I won’t care but as of now, I am devastated. Hopefully, there is light at the end of every tunnel and I hope to see mine really soon.

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