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This Hairstylist Refused To Shave A Girl’s Head & Here’s Why!

This Hairstylist Refused To Shave A Girl’s Head & Here’s Why!

Depression has been a battle quite a few people are fighting without getting any visible scars. Be it a 20-something struggling with adult life, a 50-year-old grappling with old age and loneliness or a 16-year-old just starting off with life. At any age and at any place, a person’s mental health cannot be taken for granted - no matter how tough it seems to handle.

Kayley Olsson, a hairstylist, found herself in a similar situation. A 16-year-old girl came to her, asking to shave off her hair, for she had been too depressed to comb it. The young girl just wanted her hair shaved off for her school picture day because she could not “deal with the pain of combing it out”. Olsson, in her Facebook post, said this was one of the “hardest experiences” she has had. However, instead of shaving off the girl’s hair, she decided to tackle this a little differently.

Today I had one of the hardest experiences with my client who I am keeping anonymous, I had a 16 year girl come in with...

Posted by Kayley Olsson on Tuesday, 8 August 2017


She worked on the girl’s hair for 13 hours and actually managed to give her a makeover without shaving it off! The young girl left with a smile on her face. Her last words to the hairstylist being, “I will actually smile for my school’s pictures today, you made me feel like me again.”

For people who say that a hairstyle or a makeover will not solve everybody’s depression, we agree. What this post does is not provide a cure for depression but bring us back to the discussion of why mental health is important and should be talked about time and again. It is not a laughing matter and definitely not ‘just a phase’. For teenagers, what we call teenage angst can easily work itself towards depression. They are at a point in life where everything seems meaningless, there is way too much change to cope up with and confusion is the theme for every passing day. That is exactly when they need positive guidance. They need someone who understands and listens.

For people who wish to talk about their mental state but don’t want their close ones to get worried, there are other options. Aasra, an NGO, runs a 24x7 helpline (91-22-27546669) where you can reach out for help. If you find it easier, reach out to your friends or family and talk to them. Seek professional help if that doesn’t work out. Depression is a serious illness and should be treated as such.  

Published on Aug 16, 2017
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