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#BeautyGyan: Do You Know What These Hair Terms Mean?

#BeautyGyan: Do You Know What These Hair Terms Mean?

Going for a new haircut and color can be nerve wracking especially if you don't know what the hairdresser is talking about. Don't be intimidated by hairdresser jargon. Add these hair terms to your beauty dictionary before your next appointment to avoid major mane malfunction!

Let’s talk about some important haircutting terms you need to know.

1. Texturizing


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Texturizing refers to a cutting technique that helps reduce bulk in the case of thick hair, it also brings shape, definition and movement to the hair. This can be done for both, long and short hair.

2. Bangs

Bangs mean a fringe, those short layers of hair that frame your face or forehead. Bangs can be short, long or asymmetrical. Quite versatile for hairstyling, you can part your bangs in the middle or wear them on one side. It's an easy peasy way to give you a more youthful look. Check what suits your face shape to avoid a bad haircut. If you're still unsure, always get bangs starting from your nose or lips.

3. Dusting


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Dusting is a technique you need to know if you're terrified of getting a haircut. This technique involves cutting absolute bare minimal hair giving you an undetectable trim.

4. Razor Cut


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A razor cut is an edgy haircut using a razor, much as the name suggests. A well trained stylist will give you a razor cut to either remove or add volume to your mane. Technique is everything here ladies, so stray away from this cut if you're unsure about the stylist.

5. Under Cut


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An undercut is a popular hair technique sported by a lot of celebs in Hollywood. It basically means cutting the hair underneath your crown or at the nape of your neck slightly shorter. The undercut can also be used to remove bulk if you have very thick hair and want to sport a stylish haircut.

6. Blunt Cut


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A haircut without layers is called a blunt cut, it could be done on hair of any length.

7. Bob Cut

A bob cut is a trendy, celeb-favourite hairstyle that is on the shorter side. Hair that ends at your jawline is referred to as a bob, while a long bob or a 'lob' is a shoulder length bob. Think Kim K, Rihanna and Taylor Swift. Flattering on most hair types, the bob is an instant way to change your style without going overboard.

8. Pixie Cut

If you're feeling very adventurous and want to rock what we called a 'boy cut' back in the day, this new-age pixie cut is for you! Great for summers and all you ladies who are cool AF.

When it comes to color, make sure you know the popular trends to avoid getting unpleasantly surprised!

1. Global


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A global color is a monotone base color applied to all you hair. Usually done to give your hair one flat color, best used to cover greys. A global or a base color is also done prior to certain hair coloring techniques.

2. Paper Highlights


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Paper thin highlights are subtle, barely visible highlights. It involves coloring few strands of hair vs the usual thick line highlight.

3. Dimensional Color

A dimensional color is done to amp up a haircut and to add some shape and movement to your hair. Different shades are used to frame and highlight your best features.

4. Dip Dye


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Dip dye is when you only color the tips of your hair, this could be just an inch or a couple of inches. You can use multiple shades of the same color for a more subtle effect. Add a bright color to your tips to give your hair some instant glam.

5. Balayage


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Balayage is the popular hair shading technique that broke the internet in 2016. It involves freestyle hair coloring using multiple shades of the same color. A global base is applied first and then multiple shades are freehand painted into your hair giving you a unique color gradation.

6. Strobing

Hair strobing is highlighting your hair to flatter your face and features, much like highlighting your face. Key sections of hair are chosen to be highlighted to glisten in the light.

Are you ready to give yourself a new look? Now that you’re in the know, feel free to book that salon appointment.

Published on Aug 24, 2017
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