Get Featured This Independence Day #AazadiXO

Get Featured This Independence Day #AazadiXO

Plixxo Influencers, come celebrate #AazadiXO with us at one giant picture party! 

Take a picture that defines Independence day for you- it could be ANYTHING! Get creative!

The campaign will be running on Plixxo all day today and you can participate by invitation only. Winners will be announced on 16th August 2017.


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If you're a Plixxo Influencer, this is what you stand to win:

  1. 20 best pictures will get featured on a POPxo story

  2. 5 best pictures will get featured on Plixxo and POPxo’s Instagram

  3. 5 lucky winners will also get an AMAZING Plixxo goodie bag!

Here's What To Do:

You are free to post any picture on your Instagram account that you associate with Independence day. And be sure to share it with us on Plixxo as well!

Here are some ideas to get you started :

  1. Wear an outfit or accessorise yourself in the Indian tri-colour (saffron, white, green)

  2. Take a picture of yourself in a place or backdrop that you associate with Independence day

  3. Show us what’s your favourite food to devour on this Independence day

  4. Do you love make-up? Why not create a look using the Indian tri-colour theme!

  5. If you are an artist or a photographer, draw or capture an image of what Independence day means to you!

PS: Use any one of the above ideas (or you can come up with an original idea!) to post one picture on Instagram.

Get creative with your Instagram Caption
Write a caption about celebrating this Independence day. Tell us what freedom means to you!


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Here's what to do next:
Go to, accept the campaign invite and share with us your amazing Instagram posts!