5 AMAZING Gaming Apps To Download Before The Next Night Out!

5 AMAZING Gaming Apps To Download Before The Next Night Out!

With every weekend, comes the great responsibility to make it bigger and better than ever! After all, we just can’t have a Saturday without embarrassing Snapchats of our friends, can we? If Tyrion Lannister is your spirit animal, and drinking is your (habitual) game, then you should check out these 5 badass villainous gaming apps. No trial by combat, no trial by law, let the games begin…

1. Heads Up!

Come one come all, this one’s for everyone. Challenge the smartypants of your group to a round of Heads Up! and watch them fail like Theon Greyjoy! With so many decks, and so many themes, this has fun written all over it! Also, it’s the same game that Ellen DeGeneres plays on her show, and we can’t thank her enough for bringing it to the spotlight.

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2. Kings

All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy! Got an office gang? Kings is the perfect way to call it a week with a bang! Card rules or custom rules, you dare to break ‘em and you’ll find yourself at the bottom of that vodka bottle! Unlimited players, unlimited crazy - this one truly is the king of all!

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3. The Moron Test

For a non-alcoholic time of your life, The Moron Test will prove to be one wild ride full of fun. Simple yet twisted challenges for your friends to fail at (because you know they will) and you to enjoy, let it decide whether they’re a moron or a genius. Funny characters, sound effects and music - oh, the drama is just beginning.

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4. Never Have I Ever

This bad boy needs no introduction. The life of every party, Never Have I Ever can entertain you, or make you pass out at the bar, but either way, it guarantees an unforgettable night. Don’t believe us? Let’s do a round on - ‘Never have I ever slept with my brother’

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We think you got it! *Wink*

5. Don’t Screw Up!

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When you play the game of insults, you win or you cry! Don't Screw Up! comes with a fair warning: this game could insult your intelligence. Play nasty, or play nice, if you’re looking to kill some time, this is your best bet, my friend!

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