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#Bride&Besties: 10 Games To Make Your *Bridal Shower* Memorable!

Kaveri Waghela

Junior Wedding Editor

Even though a ‘bridal shower’ is primarily a European custom, it is slowly gaining popularity as a pre wedding ritual in our desi shaadis too. Whether you want to a arrange a gala get together with your besties or just want to indulge in a glitzy party with your friends just before your d-day, here are some fun games for your bridal shower. You and your besties are absolutely going to love these!

1. Wedding movie charades

We’ve all played dumb charades at some point in our life. This is just the same, only that this time you’re only allowed to give wedding related movies to the other team. And there are just so many of them! It is a great way to insure that everyone participates and gets the party rolling!

1 bridal shower shahrukh khan

2. He said, she said

If you want lighten up the atmosphere a bit and indulge in a fun guessing game, then ‘He Said, She Said’ would be perfect. You can start by handing out ‘He Said, She Said’ cards to all your besties, mentioning some cheeky facts about you and your fiance. And let your friends start guessing! Throw in some true facts, some lies, some totally crazy stuff and we bet, it’s going to be a laugh riot!

3. Two truths and a lie

‘Two truths and a lie’ is the best game to play over snacks and drinks. It is especially fun if all your girls do not know each other all that well. Everyone has to come up with three statements about themselves - Two truths and one lie. And the others have to guess what’s the truth and what’s the lie! An easy game that also serves as a great ice-breaker for the girl gang.

3 bridal shower oprah speaking

4. The first memory

This one’s to rekindle all those long lost memories that your friends might have with you. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be emotional. Ask everyone to be a bit creative and shell out some funny details as and when their chance arrives!

5. Never have I ever...

We all know this fun game made famous on the Ellen Degeneres Show. Our tip would be get your girls (and yourself) a bit tipsy on cocktails, before you’ll divulge the many details of your infamous escapades!

5 bridal shower never have i ever

6. Words of wisdom

As the name suggests, words of wisdom is a game where one gives some friendly wedding- related advice to the bride-to-be. But with a quirky twist! It involves all your girls writing a short and fun tip (read: how to seduce him in bed!) on a piece of paper. The bride has to later guess the propagator of the advice.

7. Ring-O-Mania

This one can be played throughout the bridal shower. All you need to do is, decide on a word that no one should use through the course of the evening. It could be anything! As the guests enter the room, hand them a pretty ring. But they’ll have to give it away if they happen to use the  ‘forbidden word’ in a conversation. The ones who still have a ring on by the end of the night, win!

7 bridal shower beyonce dancing

8. Dress the dulhan

‘Dress the Dulhan’ is a desi twist to the toilet paper couture game most famous in the west.Here, each of your friends is given accessories and makeup through which they have to dress the bride. The one with the most creative design, wins a prize.

9. Guess what’s in there?

If you want to add a bit of a flirty element in your party, then ‘Guess what’s in there?’ would be perfect. Just throw in lots of racy stuff in a bucket - condoms, bras, underwear, sex toys etc. Blindfold one person at a time who then has to pick a thing and guess what it is. We are sure this game will fill the room with a riot of laughter.

9 bridal shower blindfold

10. Find the guest

This one’s an ice breaker for all your girls who are meeting each other for the very first time. ‘Find the guest’ is a fun bridal shower game that involves a list with one dirty or fun detail about each of the girls. Everyone has a photocopy of the list and have to write the name of a person against each statement. It’s all about taking a wild guess! The one who gets most right, wins.

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Published on Aug 22, 2017
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