Fries, Momos, Pizza: HOW Bad Are Your Fave Foods For Your Skin?

Fries, Momos, Pizza: HOW Bad Are Your Fave Foods For Your Skin?

DO NOT SHOOT THE MESSENGER! Okay, we had to put that disclaimer in before we got down to it. Here’s the thing, we know our favourite foods are comforting and oh so delish, but they might not be the greatest when it comes to our skin. So with the award-winning Dr. Kiran Lohia of Lumiere Dermatology in arms, we decided to bring to you a definitive ranking of the foods that are bad for your skin. The following foods are ranked from bad to worse, read on to see just how bad (or not) your fave dish is for your skin.

8. Momos: Has maida but not too bad!

8 foods that are bad for your skin

“While the casing is maida, there are a lot of veggies and healthy proteins in the filling. And the entire thing is steamed, so it isn’t that bad for your skin.” This is definitely great news!

7. Burgers: Bread, but could be made healthy!

7 foods that are bad for your skin

Tasty and not harmful for your skin? It’s possible! “The filling with the veggies and chicken or vegetable patty could easily be turned around. Just use whole wheat bread/buns and try to stay away from deep fried patties.”

6. Frankies: Oil, butter and spice - not that amazing a combination.

6 foods that are bad for your skin

“Most of the wraps are made of heavy maida roti, not to mention the spices and cheese and sheer amount of butter that goes into making it is the problem. If a similar thing can be made with whole wheat wraps and baking or grilling, it shouldn’t be too bad.”

5. Pav Bhaji: Honestly, too much bread and butter is the main issue here!

5 foods that are bad for your skin

“Bread has and always will be your skin’s enemy and butter and oil never help. The bhaji in itself is full of veggies and if the butter could be reduced it could actually be a healthy option.”

4. Samosas: Maida, deep fried and potatoes, not just bad for skin but awful for your health!

4 foods that are bad for your skin

“Fried and full of potatoes, samosas are not only high glycemic, they’re bad for your health!” Uh-oh!

3. Chaat: Deep fried, heavy maida-laden puris begins the trifecta for awful skin food.

3 foods that are bad for your skin

A fried maida base and potatoes do not healthy make! With nothing to redeem it, chaat really tops the list of not good for your skin.” We’re as depressed as you are!

2. Pizza: Full fat flour and dairy literally can mess with your system entirely.

2 foods that are bad for your skin

“The high sugar content because of the maida dough and the dairy could mess up your system and if you have acne-prone skin it could make your skin go haywire!” If pizza really is bae, then this is the definition of a toxic relationship. *Sob*

1. Fries: Yup, This is the Worst. We said it!

1 foods that are bad for your skin

“While extraordinarily yummy, remember, excess oil and high sugar (which potatoes are full of) makes your body and skin a mess.”

While we can’t cut these foods completely from our system, we could try healthier alternatives right?