These Brides Prove That Floral Hair Accessories Are *Timeless*

These Brides Prove That Floral Hair Accessories Are *Timeless*

Flowers have the power to beautify the surrounding. Everything from its fragrance to its bloom, exudes a happy atmosphere. They can be an excellent way to accessorize your crowning glory on your wedding, without it having to be expensive. Here are some pictures of real brides that prove that flowers are still the best hair accessories to don on your wedding day!

1. For The Royal Bride

Roses and mogra are two flowers that we can never get enough of! And when combined together, they make the most beautiful hair accessories. Look at this pretty bride who decided to don a pretty floral jooda to match with the floral embroidery on her lehenga.

2. Blissful Greens

Simplicity is the best look a bride can wear.This pretty bride decided to match her hair accessory with her lehenga and she looked surreal!. Do try!

3. A Tiara For The Princess


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A bride-to-be is definitely no less than a princess. This super pretty floral tiara made out of roses and mogras just doubles the beauty of this blushing bride!

4. Pretty Up That Braid


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Braids are very pretty and a fail-proof hairstyle choice for a soon-to-be-bride. It is quite an easy hairstyle to don too. Just take some inspiration from this bride who used tiny pink florals to change  her look from wow to WOAH!

5. Serenity

A bride dressed in white looks no less than a fairy (just look at this twirling beauty here!) And we just can’t get over how stunning her jooda and the good old classic gajras look! We are mesmerized!

6. Roses Moses

Roses are a symbol of love, hope, promises and new beginnings. And come to think of it, there really is no other flower that depicts love as it does. Not to forget how gorgeous they look, ALWAYS!

7. All Things Elegant


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The innocence and glow on this happy bride’s face is the first thing we noticed in this picture! But what also sets it apart is the subtle incorporation of tiny flowers in her braid. How lovely!

8. Pretty In Pink

Who can forget the elated Bipasha Basu, twirling and dancing throughout her wedding celebrations. Apart from her 1000 watt smile and that ethereal bridal glow, it is her pink floral tiara that stole the show. We totally loved it, didn’t you?

9. The GORG Maangtikka

Apart from her bindaas attitude and cheery attire, it is the floral maangtikka that caught our fancy. We mean, what’s there to not love?

10. The Floral Fiesta

Gerberas are charming and also very versatile! They are available in a variety of colours which can be mixed and matched with almost all your outfits. Look at this bride all decked up in her bridal glory. And her super gorgeous hairstyle, adorned with maroon gerberas is perfection in the truest sense.

11. Royalty At Its Best

Neil Nitin Mukesh’s beautiful wife, Rukmini Sahay, took floral hair adornments to another level of prettiness when she matched her accessories with her stunning bridal outfit! Just wow!