Apple, Hourglass Or Pear - We Found THE Dress For Your Body Type

Apple, Hourglass Or Pear - We Found THE Dress For Your Body Type

If we were to choose one clothing item that looks gorgeous on every woman, it would definitely be a dress! A-line, maxi, shift, wrap… while there are thousands of styles to choose from, the perfect dress is definitely the one that suits your body type! So here are a few awesome party dresses that will definitely suit your body shape.  

1. For a rectangle shaped body

1 party dresses - Silver Embellished Shift Dress

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You know you have a rectangle shaped body if your shoulders, chest and hips are in proportion without a defined waist. And you have every reason to feel flattered as most of the super models are blessed with this body shape. Your body is the easiest to dress as everythings looks great on you!

What to wear: Dresses with straight fit, shift dresses, kaftan and empire line dresses are best for you. They will show off your enviable figure and also give your waist a definition.

POPxo Recommends: Silver Embellished Shift Dress (Rs 2,995)

2. For a diamond shaped body

2 party dresses - Panelled Dress with Embellished Shoulders

Women with a diamond shaped body usually have a wide butt, a fuller midsection and a narrower bust (as compared to the shoulders). If you have such a body type, you should wear dresses that will show your legs!

What to wear: Go for dresses like shift dresses, A-line dresses and show off your legs. You can also give V-necks and midi dresses a shot!

POPxo Recommends: Panelled Dress with Embellished Shoulders (Rs 900)

3. For an oval shaped body

3 party dresses - Ruffle Cold Shoulder Mini Dress

If you have an oval shaped body type, your waist is probably wider than your bust and hips. Choose clothes that draw attention away from your waistline and focus on the neckline or sleeves.

What to wear: Shirt and relaxed fit dresses are the best option for your body type as they balance out the overall silhouette without putting too much attention on any of your problem areas.

POPxo Recommends: Ruffle Cold Shoulder Mini Dress (Rs 1,250)

4. For an hourglass shaped body

4 party dresses - Pink Coloured Embellished Shift Dress

You are blessed with a body type that makes you look curvy and hot! If you have an hourglass figure, outfits cinched at the waist work well for your body type.

What to wear: Choose dresses that cinch at your waist and accentuate your curves. Pencil and bodycon dresses are great options for you. You can also choose from belted and tailored dresses!

POPxo Recommends: Pink Coloured Embellished Shift Dress (Rs 2,095)

5. For a pear shaped body

5 party dresses - Black Plisse Prom Dress

Some of the hottest women in the world have a pear shaped body types! (think Beyonce and Rihanna). Women with this shape have heavier thighs and a heavier bottom but a well defined butt and waist but comparatively smaller boobs.

What to wear: You can give skater and wrap dresses a try. Dresses that have a deepish neckline will enhance your upper body and give a more balanced figure.

POPxo Recommends: Black Plisse Prom Dress (Rs 3,294)

6. For an apple shaped body

6 party dresses - White Clora Cold Shoulder Skater Dress

If you have bigger boobs and a comparatively smaller butt, you probably have an apple shaped body type. The lower part of your body is comparatively thinner than the rest.

What to wear: Dresses with an A-line cut look the best on you! Go for dresses that have volume on the bottom to give an illusion of a bigger butt.

POPxo Recommends: White Clora Cold Shoulder Skater Dress (Rs 1,399)

7. For an athletic body

7 party dresses - Red Waffle Pencil Dress

If you are blessed with a well toned body and have well formed muscles, you certainly belong to this category.

What to wear: Dresses that are belted on the waist look great on this body type. You can also opt for well tailored midi dresses.

POPxo Recommends: Red Waffle Pencil Dress (Rs 2,653)

8. For a tubular shaped body

8 party dresses - Black Jodie Off Shoulder Maxi Dress

Super model Cara Delevingne and actress Keira Knightley are perfect examples of a tubular shaped body. Such a body is defined by a small chest and butt with a little definition of the waist line.

What to wear: Maxi dresses that are fit straight and don’t really shape your waist or body. You can also opt for shift and wrap dresses to give your body a well-defined silhouette!

POPxo Recommends: Black Jodie Off Shoulder Maxi Dress (Rs 1,799)