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The First Time My Boyfriend Went Down On Me…

The First Time My Boyfriend Went Down On Me…

Ayaan and I had been dating for almost half a year but we hadn’t gotten a lot of chances to get physical. It wasn’t because of lack of trying but because of lack of privacy and a place to do it. Both of us lived in our own respective family homes. His mom was a housewife and was usually always home while I lived in a joint family, so somebody or the other was always there. Sneaking in was a risk we weren’t willing to take because of the possible consequences. So we were getting by on whatever little we could manage in the car!

One day, luckily, his mom was going on a two-day trip with her friends and his father was already out of the city for some work. The two of us couldn’t be more excited! We’d have the whole house to ourselves. I, immediately, asked my parents’ permission for a night stay and told them that I’d be staying over at my best friend’s house. The two of us were so excited for it, we were jumping with joy. Finally, we’d be all alone and able to do the things we wanted to. *Wink*

I went to his place directly from college. As soon as we entered his house, we were at it, kissing like there was no tomorrow. We took each other’s shirts off in a hurry and he slowly started kissing me all over. Within the next few minutes, I was lying on his bed, completely naked! There was no time to feel shy about it because of all the action that was happening.

Slowly, he moved down my body, kissing me everywhere, my neck, my breasts, my stomach. He was dangerously close to my lady parts when I stopped him. ‘What are you doing?’ I asked. ‘Trust me and relax,’ was all he replied. That was so difficult to do with him down there! He slowly kissed my inner thighs and as soon as he did that, I started giggling and squirming uncontrollably. (Oh, did I mention that I’m extremely ticklish?)

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‘Why are you moving so much? Stay still!’ he ordered. ‘I can’t, it tickles! Stop na, please?’ I said breathlessly. ‘This is going to be fun’ he laughed and kissed me on the stomach. What happened next was, in a word, crazy! He held me down with a hand on my stomach and the next thing I felt was his lips...right there.

And, oh my god, the sensation was out of the world! His mouth was doing things that were making me feel weak in the knees. Within minutes, I was over the edge! When I came back down, he was looking at me smiling. Since it was my first orgasm ever, I did not know what to expect or that it would be so damn good! I kept thanking and kissing him but all he said was that the pleasure was so totally his.

That was the first time he went down on me and, to be honest, the night after that is a little hazy in my mind considering the number of orgasms I had. Since then, whenever we’re getting it on, I always request him to go down on me. But he totally loves it too. According to him, seeing me enjoy it this much is a huge turn on for him. Let me just say, we both love our crazy nights of uninhibited passion and it only serves to bring us closer every time.

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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