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7 Books You Must Read If You’re Obsessed With Fashion!

Srishti Sabharwal

Senior Fashion Writer

If you’re someone who’s obsessed with fashion, you know how hard it is to crack through the industry and be fully aware of the functionalities of it. Whether you want to establish a career in fashion or just want to update yourself, there are certain books you should probably invest in. Here are 7 books every girl must read if she loves fashion!   

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The Career Code by Hillary Kerr & Katherine Power

The Career Code is a gold mine for the girl who’s career driven! Coming from the founders of WhoWhatWear, this book is helpful for someone who’s just starting out a career in fashion and even someone who’s already well established. From how to dress, make a resume, talk about a raise and other workplace etiquettes, this book is a must read!

Hillary Kerr & Katherine Power

1 books every girl must read   the career code

The Little Dictionary Of Fashion by Christian Dior

Much like the name, the book actually serves as a fashion dictionary to every woman! From what to wear to a wedding, how to tie a scarf and how to walk with grace, the book comprises of many such timeless tips that women might find useful. Coming from Christian Dior himself, we don’t see why one shouldn’t get their hands on this one!

Christian Dior

2 books every girl must read   the little dictionary of fashion

Marc Jacobs by Bridget Foley

Every fashion girl admires Marc Jacobs. His work is a true inspiration and what better than his biography to get up-close with the genius? From his life at a student at Parson’s to starting his own fashion label, this book has it all. To anyone looking to boost their fashion IQ, this book’s was meant to find it’s way to you!  

Bridget Foley

3 books every girl must read marc jacobs

Champagne Supernovas by Maureen Callahan

Maureen Callahan, a pop culture journalist takes you back to the 90s when fashion had become the cradle for any artistic innovations. Get this book if you want to see the 90s fashion world through the eyes of Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen and Kate Moss, the legends who shaped the industry at the time.

Maureen Callahan

4 books every girl must read   champagne supernovas

DV by Diana Vreeland

Diana was the fashion editor at Bazaar for 30 years (1932-1962)! Read about DV’s experiences with Coco Chanel as she would attend parties with her, her personal take on fashion, and colour. This book will definitely teach you a thing or two (but probably more).

Diana Vreeland

5 books every girl must read   Diana Vreeland

Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso

Perfect for the industry outsider who wants to create their own path to success, #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso is an inspiring read to help you reach your potential! From being a college dropout to being the founder of one of the faster growing retailers (Nasty Gal), this book motivates you to follow your instincts and truly believe in what you want!

Sophia Amoruso

6 books every girl must read   girlboss

The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

We’re sure you’ve heard of this one! Even if you’ve already watched the film, this book is worth a read. For anyone who wants to get deep into the world of fashion and know how a magazine runs, we recommend this one. Sure, while it is fiction, the book takes you through the reality of an industry that looks quite glamorous to any outsider.  

Lauren Weisberger

7 books every girl must read   the devil wears prada

Which one are you going to read first?

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Published on Aug 18, 2017
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