The Ultimate Hair Removal Guide To A Fuzz-Free, Glowing Face

The Ultimate Hair Removal Guide To A Fuzz-Free, Glowing Face

Shaving, waxing, laser, hair removal creams - we all are aware of the various methods that make our faces fuzz free and super smooth. While all these methods are one better than the other, and it completely depends on which one suits your skin type most, each of them requires that you are careful and keep certain tips in mind to ensure your hair is removed well without damaging your skin. Here are all the facial hair removal dos and don’ts you need to know, in order to have a glowing and fuzz-free face.


1. Cleanse Your Face

Make it a point to cleanse your face well before going for any hair removal method. This is important because pulling out hair from skin that is already layered with dirt and grime could make your skin react more harshly to the treatment. Wash your face well, pat it dry and ensure that it isn’t oily before starting off the hair removal process.

2. Scrub Beforehand

dos 2 facial hair removal

This is a given, ladies. Scrub your face properly to remove any dead skin and to bring any ingrown hair onto the surface so that it is removed properly. Trust us, you will be happier with the hair removal if you scrub your face well beforehand.

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3. Ice The Skin And Soothe-It After Hair Removal

Those with sensitive skin will agree that it tends to flare up after any harsh hair removal method. This is when you need to head straight to the refrigerator and pull out that ice tray. Place 4-5 cubes of ice in a muslin cloth and dab it all over areas that seem red and inflamed. This works like magic! It also closes pores that are left open after the hair is plucked out.

4. Wait For Full Hair Growth First

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Going for facial hair removal before you need to will do more harm than good. If it is waxing, you will need to use a waxing strip multiple times on the same area, so that tiny hair also gets removed. Overdoing this can lead to rashes and skin damage.

5. Moisturize Well After Hair Removal

Soothing the skin after hair removal is an absolute must. Nourishing the skin with a moisturizer is something your skin will love you for. Pamper it a bit, won’t you?


1. Touch Your Face Too Much Before Or After

don'ts 1 facial hair removal

Picking your face before or after hair removal is a big no-no. This is because be it shaving, waxing or laser hair removal, the skin will be subjected to harsh treatments anyway, and therefore, picking it will irritate the skin further. This could lead to rashes and inflammation which will take some time to subside.

2. Moisturise Before Hair Removal

Moisturising your face before waxing or threading, isn’t the smartest thing to do. Many of these methods don’t work well on moisturised skin. This will also make the hair stick to your skin and therefore, it will be difficult to pull out.

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3. Step Out In The Blazing Sun After Hair Removal

don'ts 3 facial hair removal

Ladies, your skin has already been through enough once you remove hair from it. And stepping out in the hot sun will make your skin all the more sensitive. It’s best to stay indoors for a few hours after facial hair removal. If you absolutely must step out, make it a point to wear sunscreen 20 minutes prior to heading out.

4. Shave/ Wax Again And Again On The Same Area

If some hair is too hard or short to remove, do not keep waxing or threading or lasering the area. Overdoing it could damage your skin more than you can imagine. Ideally, you shouldn’t try more than twice in one particular area.

5. Shave/ wax On And Around Active Acne

don'ts 5 facial hair removal

This one’s a no-brainer! Doing any sort of hair removal process on skin that has active acne, will only damage the skin further and aggravate your acne issue. It’s best to wait it out and do any hair removal process only once your skin is calm and soothing. 

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