13 *Cute* Statuses To Announce Your Sister’s Shaadi On Facebook!

13 *Cute* Statuses To Announce Your Sister’s Shaadi On Facebook!

Dear girl, we absolutely know the happy feeling you experience when your sister finally says ‘yes’ to marriage. You feel the rush of emotions come at you, all at once! And obviously, you want the whole world to know how happy you are! We’ve rounded up some super adorable Facebook statuses to announce your sister’s wedding in the most cutest manner!

1. ‘My baby girl just got hitched!’

Perfect status for the baby sister.

2. ‘My sister’s finally found her mister!’

* jumping excitedly *

2 facebook statuses - woman excited

3. ‘I can’t keep calm coz my sister is getting MARRIED!’

This status is gonna go viral!

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4. ‘My sister just said YES! #OMG #SheSaidYes #TooExcited’

Be prepared for a lot of FB activity and notifications soon after this post!

4 facebook statuses - omg yes

5. ‘Save the date coz my sister is ready to tie the knot!!!’

*whistles please*

6. ‘My sweetheart sister just said I DO! It’s time to party!’

Don’t be surprised if friends and family swing by soon after this post to party it up with you. Yay!

6 facebook statuses - time to drink

7. ‘Save the date and book your flights coz {insert sister’s name} and {insert brother-in-law’s name} are GETTING MARRIED!’


8. ‘Shoutout to the world, my baby sister is going to become a MRS!!’

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Get ready to get a zillion likes!

8 facebook statuses - baby sis getting married

9. ‘Oye oye oye…Meri behaaaaan ki shaadi hai!’

Because Hindi mein feel aati hai. You know it’s true

10. ‘It’s a love story, my baby sister just said YES.’

Thanks Taylor Swift! *kisses*

10 facebook statuses - farida jalal

11. ‘There’s going to be a band, baaja & baaraat coz my sister is gonna get married!’

Typical bollywood style announcement.

12. ‘Raise your glasses, say cheers and drink up cause my big sister finally said YES!’

Post this status and get ready to drink and party hard!

12 facebook statuses - raise your glasses

13. ‘My sister’s hunt is finally over. She has the found her Prince Charming!’


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