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The *It* Hairstyles That Look Amazing Anywhere & Everywhere!

The *It* Hairstyles That Look Amazing Anywhere & Everywhere!

We all go through this -  where we have our outfits, makeup, accessories and shoes in place, but there is just something MISSING. And that is the perfect hairdo! Yup, we have all lived through this nightmare, and then just done some bobby pin business. Fear not friends, we have the most amazingly versatile and easy hairstyles that will go with EVERYTHING. We may or may not have hidden some super cool hacks in there (you’re welcome!).

1. Fishtail braid

Fishtail braids are so versatile! You can wrap your whole hair in a loose fishtail braid for an Indian do or a romantic date night. You could just braid your bangs and pin it up with loose waves for a brunch date or even do 2 tight fishtail braids for the gym. The best part? When you let the braids out you will have some soft waves going for you!

2. Waterfall braid

This gorgeous braided half updo could be worn for any occasion and even to work or college. You could have it on one side of the hair or do it on both the sides. We recommend doing this if you are wearing a maangtika.

3. Sleek ponytail

Wet hair, unwashed hair, greasy roots, bad hair day… One solution for all these problems, SLEEK HAIR. This hairdo works perfectly for all hair lengths, even if you have a short pixie cut you could get this do to work for you. Pull all your hair back, brush through until smooth, tie it all up either at the nape of your neck, in the middle of your head or right on top. Use some mousse or lightweight wax/hairspray to tame flyaways. You’re good to go!

4. Half bun


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This hairstyle can be worn anywhere - from the gym to work to brunch - and you wouldn’t even need to switch anything up. All you need is a scrunchie and some dry shampoo (bobby pins, if you have long hair). Spray dry shampoo on your roots, turn your head over and massage it into your roots. Take your crown into a ponytail and twist it around itself. For some panache, add some braids to your crown before you make the bun.

5. Crown braid


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A more voluminous version of the milkmaid braids, this would work perfectly for any occasion. The best part about this is that you could either make one voluminous braid or make 2 or 3 of them depending on the look that you are going for.

6. Loose beachy waves

This hairstyle is a no-brainer, whatever outfit you are wearing, whatever the occasion, this look is a classic. It works beautifully for any hair length and is the perfect base for any hairstyle. What’s more? It adds instant life to fine or limp hair.

7. High volume ponytail

This is another versatile one for every occasion and any type of hair. You just need some dry shampoo and a teasing comb and you could amp it up or tone it down as much as you want to. Start by putting some dry shampoo on your roots, then tease the crown, one section at a time, before you place it into a ponytail. For added volume, tease the base of the ponytail as well once you put it together.

8. Chignon charisma


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Dress it up or dress it down, sport it messy or structured, this hairstyle is timeless and will practically go with every occasion you have to attend. For an Indian do, you can add some flowers, and for a more formal affair, you could look at some chic pins. There’s just so much that can be done!