Travel On Your Mind? Here Are All The Fashion Tips & Hacks To Get Your Vacay Mode ON!

Travel On Your Mind? Here Are All The Fashion Tips & Hacks To Get Your Vacay Mode ON!

We are born to wander…

Travelling is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Seeing new places and meeting new people is known to have euphoric, freeing effects on one’s mind and soul - and this feeling is universal. Some travel for exposure, some travel to escape their worries and the rest of us travel just because it makes us happy and more whole.

Whatever the reason, vacations are special and the excitement around planning and preparing for one is justified. One of the most important things, after having decided the destination, booked the flight and secured the visa, comes the packing. You know it. After all, the outfits go down in history in the form of photos.

It is super exciting, yes, but it is also one of the most tedious things ever. In our opinion, it is never too early to plan what to pack for a holiday - a month, two months… even three.  

Either way, you need to figure out what to pack and it’s not always a cakewalk doing that. Depending on where you’re going, there are some important factors to keep in mind when you’re shopping for new vacation outfits, isn’t it?

If you’re wondering about all the points to cross off your list with your outfits and accessories, stay right here. Scroll down for all the travel style and fashion tips you need to take note of, broken down.

Airport Outfit Idea - Dos & Don'ts

Tips For A Beach Vacay

Tips For City Vacation

Tips For Mountains Travel

Packing Tips

Travel Essentials For Your Trips

Travel Style & Fashion Tips Broken Down:

Now, what you pack naturally depends on where you’re going. Going somewhere that is by the sea? Or planned a city vacation? The styles and tips differ with every destination. Let’s not forget about those airport OOTDs either - ‘cause if you don’t take a picture at the boarding gate in your best travel ‘fits, are you even travelling? Read on to know more:

1. Airport OOTD: Dos & Don’ts

For your flight, especially if you’re travelling overseas, you want your outfit to look great but also check the comfort box. These dos and don’ts are all you need to plan a kickass outfit for your plane ride.

DO wear your sweatpants as pants

Wear them with a crisp white shirt or a voluminous, formal top and a pair of pumps or loafers to change up the vibe.

DON’T bet on jeans

Flights can be stuffy and you want to be in your comfiest bottoms, rather than stiff jeans with no give!

DO throw on that t-shirt dress

T-shirt dresses are easy breezy and the best kind are oversize. Wear a short one with leggings or a long one that you can move freely in.

DON’T be afraid to break out your best bag

Think about it. The safest place for your expensive bag is on your arm, not stuffed into your bag.

DO layer to the T

Layered OOTDs are stylish and also make it easier to dump the overcoat or jacket if you’re travelling from cold to warm.

DON’T go overboard with jewellery

You don’t want to set off the airport’s metal detectors, do you? Plus, it’s hard to nap in your plane seat with jewellery digging into your chin or cheek. Wear light hoops or a necklace to keep it stylish yet minimal.

DO dress sharp

A structured coat or blazer, comfy button-down shirt and crease-resistant slacks is one of our favourite airport looks ever. Super sharp and comfortable too!

DON’T just wear athleisure because everyone’s wearing it

Important travel fashion tip for you - just because everyone is wearing a tracksuit to the airport doesn’t mean you have to trade in your style to do the same. You do you, girl.

DO wear tights or leggings

We have to admit, tights and leggings are probably the best thing you can wear for your plane rides. They’re versatile and stretchy. What more could a girl want?

DON’T forget a statement item

Rocking a stylish outfit at the airport is as simple as adding that one statement item of clothing or accessory to your look. Whether it’s a leopard print coat or a floral print bag, it’s all you need to up your airport OOTD game.

DO explore the skirt option

It’s a common assumption that skirts aren’t a great option to explore when it comes to airport dressing. The truth is you can wear anything you want as long as they check the comfort and practical boxes. Pick a fuller, longer skirt in a non-synthetic material for ease of walking and moving around.

DON’T pick out tight clothes

Anything that is skin-tight is a bad idea to wear for your travels. Whether it’s a pair of pants or a jacket, it needs to give you freedom of movement and room to breathe. Long plane rides can get tough and you don’t want to pick a piece of clothing that makes it even more so, do you?

DO carry that blanket scarf

It serves more than one purpose - blanket scarves are super stylish, especially if they’re textured and carry an interesting print but they also keep you warm and cosy in the cold confines of an airplane.

DON’T hesitate to wear a jumpsuit

A relaxed fit jumpsuit with a button-up or zipper front is an airport look you should explore - they go off and come on easy AND they make for a killer travel OOTD.

DO wear an easy-to-style top

Pick a top or a t-shirt that you can play around with for a cool post-flight look. Ways to change up your look could be to either tuck the top in or out; doing the half tuck; knotting it at the waist.

DON’t wear fussy shoes

Getting through security checks at most international airports requires you to take your shoes off and so, it’s only better if you pick a pair that comes on and goes on easily. We recommend loafers, sliders, ballet flats et al.

DO carry a spacious bag with zip detail

At crowded spaces such as the airport, being as secure as you can is always best - and of course, it should easily carry all your travel essentials. So, along with your bag being chic and stylish, make sure it is spacious and has a protective closure. Tote bags FTW!

DON’T skip the accessories

Light accessories such as scarves, headbands, belts and minimal earrings and necklaces add all the glam you need for your travel outfit.

2. The Trip

To nail your vacation OOTDs, it’s a good idea to shop according to the destination and the climate. If you’re going to the beach, the weather would be hot and humid, so you’d naturally want to pack comfortable materials and lengths, wouldn’t you? Similarly, if you’re travelling to the mountains or the city, you’d pack as per the climate and ‘vibe’ there.

Keep reading for travel style and fashion tips for different kinds of vacay destinations:

1. The Beach

Beach vacations are probably the most exciting of them all. The sea breeze, sunbathing sessions and endless pitchers of fruity cocktails are part of the reason. The rest of it is the tropical bikinis, the vibrant dresses and the flowy skirts, no? To help you decide what to pack, here are some fashion tips you should swear by.

a) Style Tips For A Beach Vacay

Choose cotton and cotton blends over everything else: Thanks to the heat and humidity, it is best to dump your synthetic fabric clothing items aside while packing. Natural blends let your skin breathe and are more sweat-friendly than materials such as satin, nylon and georgette.

Headbands and hats go a long way: When it comes to beach dressing, printed and bright coloured hair accessories such as barrettes, hats and headbands are your best friends. Go as casual as you want with a plain white tee and shorts combo, and add a cute hair accessory to turn the beach vibe up.

Don’t underestimate the power of relaxed fit pants: Most people assume that if you’re packing for a beach vacation, you’re packing only shorts and skirts and mini dresses. That isn’t true, ladies. A nice pair of relaxed fit cotton pants in light breezy shades are a good pick to wear with a peasant top or just a casual button down.

Pack both, bright and neutral colours (no black): A beach holiday calls for some colour and lots of prints and patterns. Whether it’s neons or pastels, the beach is the place for you to rock it. We also love beiges and whites to wear by the sea and they make great neutrals to club with the prints and bright colours.

Keep the jewellery statement yet light: Wearing heavy necklaces or earrings in the humidity can be the cause of a rash or just constant irritation. So, when packing jewellery, make sure you take light jewellery which can also make a statement. Oversize hoops, for instance or layered necklaces - there’s plenty to choose from.

Pack those bikinis and bodysuits: The best thing about beach dressing is that you don’t have to be fussy about it at all. Your bikinis or swimsuits and bodysuits don’t just come out when you want to get in the water… you can wear them as a part of your outfit. We’re imagining a itsy-bitsy bikini top under a sheer t-shirt or with an open shirt.

Beach bags all the way: Unfortunately, bags are a pain to pack, so pick a couple favourites to take along. We suggest packing 2-3 kinds of statement beach bags (with embroidery, slogans etc) since that’s where you’re going to spend most of your time. They’d take your outfit to the next level, plus… think of all the Instagram worthy photos you can click! P.S. They won’t get ruined in the sand or water either.

b) Outfit Ideas

  1. Midi/ Maxi Dress + Statement Accessories

  2. Top + Linen Pants

  3. Bikini + Kimono

  4. Midi skirt + Knotted Shirt

  5. Bodysuit + Shorts

2. The City

a) Style Tips For City Vacation

City vacations are all about experiencing the history, culture and architecture. And of course, shopping and eating at the top rated restaurants. So, it’s safe to assume there would be a lot of walking, cab rides and outfit changes for different things. So, when you’re packing for a holiday in the city, these are the style and fashion tips to follow:

Keep the style comfortable but edgy: Saying it like it is, your clothes and accessories for a city style vacation need to be comfortable or you won’t end up having as good a time as you could be having. Especially with museums, monuments and other historical sights on your list. However, the vibe encourages statements and edginess, so go for it!

Crossbody bags are a must: You need to pack bags that leave you hands-free while you’re out and about town. You don’t want to be struggling with a bag strap instead of taking Instagram-worthy pictures, do you? Just make sure this crossbody bag is big enough for all your essentials.

Take three kinds of shoes: Sneakers for the sightseeing days so you can walk for hours on end, comfy but chic flats for lunches and shopping, heeled sandals or pumps for dinners or the club!   

The dresses and skirts to pack…are long, flowy pieces that aren’t too much trouble while walking around all day. Pair your skirts with cropped tops or knotted shirts.

Watches, jewellery and sunglasses to remember: Pack all your statement jewellery and rock your edgiest looks on the streets. We’re talking novelty necklaces, earrings and most of all, your sunglasses. Pack 3-4 different ones, in fact. A pair of cool retro sunnies can change up a look in seconds, amirite?

Don’t forget about those statement belts: Embellished, harness style, chunky or otherwise, statement belts are an essential to turn on the street style vibe on a city vacay.

b) Outfit Ideas

  1. Shirt Dress + statement belt

  2. Button down + joggers + pumps

  3. Midi dress + cropped jeans + sandals

  4. Cropped sweatshirt + mom jeans + sweatshirt

3. Mountains or Hills

If you thought that a trip to the mountains or hills can’t be as stylish as beach or city holidays, you were wrong. Here’s everything you need to level up your cold weather outfits.

a) Style Tips

Layer Layer Layer: They key to dressing like a pro in the mountains is to layer stylishly so as to nail your outfit as well as keep warm. Shirts, sweaters, cardigans and coats - plan how you could layer each look while you pack.

Statement coats and neutral sweaters : One of the most important fashion tips is to wear statement coats over a neutral outfit or vice versa. We’re talking faux fur, animal print, neon and so on.

Don’t ignore your skirts and dresses: Work them into the layers… Longer skirts can also be worn in cold weather with longer jumpers and shirts and longline coats. So, carry your tights and stockings to keep those legs warm.

Boot essentials: Carry a pair of knee-high boots, a pair of lace-up suede boots for your casual outfits and a pair of Chloe ankle-length boots for your longer skirts and cropped pants.

Hats & Scarves: Is winter dressing the same without chic and quirky hats and scarves? Our favourites are beanies, berets and blanket scarves. Love!

b) Outfit Ideas

Puffer coat + athleisure look

Overcoat + jumper + cropped pants + boots

Short sleeved jumper + statement sleeves

Cropped sweater + mini dress

Packing Tips


1. Look up the weather at your vacay destination. If it’s going to rain, you’d want to pack an umbrella, right?

2. According to the number of days you’re travelling, pack what is essential. For long trips, it’s good to figure out how to repeat items such as jeans or jackets.

3. Pay attention to the itinerary - if there are any special activities you’ve planned, you should pack appropriate items for the same.

4. A general packing list is a great idea. You don’t want to be missing your running shoes on a hiking trip, trust us, or worse yet, your bikini on a beach vacay.

5. Skip the items you can buy at your destination - such as shampoo, body wash, etc. Or if you have particular products you use, buy travel size toiletry containers to take only as much as you’d require.

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1. All the items that you can’t do without at your destination should go in first. For instance, your passport, currency, underwear etc.

2. Take out all your clothes, accessories, shoes and makeup essentials and lay ‘em on the bed. When you see everything you’re bringing it is easier to weed out the unnecessary stuff. This will help you pick an appropriately-sized suitcase as well.

3. Get those creative juices flowing and pick clothing and accessory items that can be mixed and matched to form several looks. For starters, items like jeans or any other denim item (skirts, jackets) can be worn with 2-3 different tops or blouses.

4. Put some of the things you laid out back in your closet. This is very important - not each and every thing you laid out is an essential, is it?

5. Choose which packing method fits your bill - rolling or folding. Different items can be packed differently to save space.

6. Speaking of saving space, use your shoes for socks, gloves, jewellery or any other compact items you’re planning on packing.

7. Bring your most valuable items such as watches, rings, bags (and beyond) as carry-on luggage.

Must have Travel Essentials for Your Trips

1. The Sexy Leather Jacket


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A smart leather jacket is an important part of your travel wardrobe. It is cool, sexy and very stylish. You could wear it to a casual lunch, a fancy dinner or even to a club.

2.  The All Enduring Kaftan


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Give a stylish spin to your sartorial choices with the aesthetically pleasing Kaftan. It is a must-have for the jet setter as its super comfortable, elegant and easy to wear. The best part? It comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures. So make sure you carry one wherever you’re heading next.

3. A Good Looking Pair Of Sneakers


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Keep it cool and casual with a pair of delightful sneakers, as they are all the rage now. You can wear your favourite pair with a skirt or high-waisted jeans - either way, you’ll look amazing!

4. Black Stilettos

Don’t forget to carry a pair of black stilettos. You never know when these come in handy! And black because it matches almost every outfit. This way you don’t have to worry too much about colour coordinating your outfits.

5. The Classic White Shirt

A white shirt is a closet classic and is a must-have especially when you’re constantly on the go! Unleash your creative side by styling it in a variety of ways!

6. A Cute Summer Dress

An easy breezy summer dress is an absolute must-have to get you by during the day. Pair it with a pair of sneakers during the day. That smart leather jacket and black stilettos will perfectly complement your pretty dress if you’re heading for a night out in town.

7. One pair of well-Fitted Jeans


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We don’t to say much - carrying a well-fitted pair of denims, that accentuate your beautiful curves, is a must.

8. The right jewelry

You can’t ignore the accessories! They have the power to make or break your outfit. An exquisite pair of earrings or a delicate bracelet is enough. Though we wouldn’t recommend carrying heavy and expensive jewelry with you.

9. Sunhat

Okay, this really isn’t something you have to carry with you. But add an adorable sunhat to your suitcase if you’re headed to sunny, beach town.