13 Sexy Things To Whisper In His Ear If You’re In The Mood!

13 Sexy Things To Whisper In His Ear If You’re In The Mood!

Everybody loves a little dirty talking in life - it’s fun and exciting! And there is so much scope to try new things without getting too experimental with dirty talk. Yes ladies, we are pretty sure that you’ve honed your skills at love making but it’s time you ace the dirty talking game too. Here are 13 sexy things to whisper in his ear that will make him want to have sex with you NOW!

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1. ‘You look so HOT today!’

Because he does! Always, does.

dirty talk 1

2. ‘I want your body on mine NOW.’

Well, he should know how much you want him, right?

3. *touching his arms* ‘Wow have you been working out? I love how big your biceps are.’

The workout paid really well.

4. ‘You know how hot I feel when I am on top of you?’

Favourite position, anyone?

5. ‘We need to get back home ASAP so we can stay up all night!’

Can’t hold these feelings in any longer!

dirty talk 5

6. ‘You have one bedroom wish tonight...make sure you make the right decision.’

Will he? Won’t he?

7. ‘Tonight, I am going to tie you up and have it MY way!’

Just in case you feel like you need a little more control in the bedroom!

8. ‘I love how you look at me when we’re together. It turns me on!’

Those eyes, though!

9. ‘I am SO turned on right now!!’

And he should know!

dirty talk 9

10. ‘Remember that sex position we read about in the magazine? Tonight we’re going to try it!’

Anticipating a position is the best thing to do, after all!

11. ‘Grab my hair, let’s do something wild tonight!’

You know you love it too!

12. ‘I am wearing your favourite bra today!’

He will definitely want to see it immediately!

13. ‘You know what I need? Your soft hands all over my body, like right now!’

When subtlety doesn’t work, be direct!

dirty talk 13

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