Dear Boyfriend, 15 Times I Just Want To Say ‘Thank You!’

Dear Boyfriend, 15 Times I Just Want To Say ‘Thank You!’

Dear Boyfriend,

It’s me again! I know I talk a lot about how I am such an amazing girlfriend but I am taking some time out today to say that you are pretty damn awesome yourself! I mean, really, I got super lucky! Here are 15 times I just want to say thank you for everything that you do for me…

Hugs and kisses,

Your S.O.

1. For always, always letting me hog the blanket. Nobody else does that for me!

2. When you watch a GoT episode before I do but still give me no spoilers. And even warn me to not go on Facebook.

3. For helping me get through situations when I declare ‘I can’t even!

4. When you let me use your charger because I forgot mine even after you reminded me to keep it in my bag!

5. For reading through my messages and understanding when I am a teeny tiny bit horny so that I don’t have to say it out loud!

5 want to say thank you - jennifer lawrence wink

6. When you hear me say ‘I totally despise that person!’ about someone and you instantly reply with ‘Yeah, he/she is the worst!’ even though you hardly know them.

7. For all the times you are the first one to apologize even when it was kinda my fault.

8. And for all the times when you wait for me to apologize because you know that sometimes I can get a little stubborn.

9. When you genuinely try to come up with witty captions for my Instagram pictures!

10. When you are totally cool with my legs half-shaven!

10 want to say thank you - i love you

11. When you tell your friends that you just want to spend the weekend with me. You make me feel so special.

12. For tagging me in all those memes and making me laugh even when you are not physically around.

13. For laughing when my hair gets in the way of our make out sessions. Even though it happens all the time!

14. For the times when you compromise on your choice of movie and watch The Notebook with me for the 100th time!

15. Also for the times when you put your foot down and make me watch a new movie. Only you can keep me updated with the pop culture!

15 want to say thank you - you are the best

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