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11 Adorable Texts To Send When Your Man Needs A Lil’ Pampering!

11 Adorable Texts To Send When Your Man Needs A Lil’ Pampering!

We all know that men and women are wired differently. But no matter how macho they make themselves appear, men love to be pampered. And what better way to pamper your man than to send him cute texts all through the day! Here are 11 such texts to send to your guy...

1. Holding hands, stealing kisses, snuggling in bed…that’s all on my mind for the weekend. Let’s get started.

Awww, so romantic!

2. Strawberry or chocolate…what’s on your mind, hottie?

This one works best when you want to be naughty!

3. How about you come over and I make you some awesome dinner. And we can Netflix and chill later?

Who can resist this offer?

3 texts to send to your guy - selena gomez smiling phone

4. Let’s play a game tonight? You win, I’ll spoil you with gifts, you lose, you spoil me!

It’s a win win!

5. I can never get over how handsome you are!

He sure wouldn’t mind that compliment.

6. You must be tired at work. How about a pedicure for my prince?

By all means!

6 texts to send to your guy - girl saying aww

7. A bear hug awaits you when you get home!

This one for when the times are tough!

8. I’ve got you a breakfast in bed planned for Sunday. Let's make Saturday night awesome!

Now, who can say no to this brilliant offer?

9. I’ve learnt a few massage tricks for you. They will work wonders for your stress!

Just what the doctor ordered.

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10. I love thinking about all the ways I’ll love you in the future. Tonight’s not a bad time to start.

Hai na?

11. Hello handsome, I’m coming over with a bag of love and hugs. Keep the door open.

By all means.

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