#SexyBack: 4 Easy Steps To Hide Bacne On Your D-Day!

#SexyBack: 4 Easy Steps To Hide Bacne On Your D-Day!

There is not an ounce of doubt in the fact that having any kind of acne is a pain. And if they are on your body, especially on your back, then it is even more of a hassle to get ready and flaunt that sexy back. If you are a soon-to-be bride, who is struggling with ‘bacne’ (which you couldn’t get rid of before your wedding!), then here are 4 super easy steps to cover back acne marks and rock that chic backless choli on your D-Day.

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Step 1: Clean your back with an antibacterial soap

It’s a well known fact that applying any kind of makeup on unclean skin elevates skin problems. This holds true for acne too. So make sure you clean your back properly before beginning the cover up process.

Step 2: Foundation to the rescue

Step 2 cover back acne - foundation

Foundation is one miracle product which has the power to make your skin look even toned and smoother. Since back acne makes your skin look bumpy, the most important step is to give it a smooth base. Make sure you apply your foundation with clean fingertips or a beauty blender onto your back, and always- blend, blend, blend! You can try the awesome Maybelline Fit Me foundation, and we are sure you will love it. It's affordable, has great coverage and is matte!!! Buy it here.

Step 3: Concealer is a must

More often than not, foundation is enough to cover the acne scars. But, if you have stubborn scars then a concealer might be handy. This is bound to make them absolutely invisible. My personal favourite concealer is the Nyx Professional Makeup Concealer Wand, because it's a great product that gives amazing coverage and doesn't burn a hole in my pocket. You want? Then buy it here, quick!

Step 4: Seal it with powder

Step 4 cover back acne - seal it with powder

After the concealing is done, it’s very important to seal it with a layer of powder. Use a big powder brush to dab it onto your back and you’re all set for the function! You can opt for Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening compact powder, it's something I totally love! Check it out here.

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