10 Easy Solutions For Every Lipstick Woe Ever!

10 Easy Solutions For Every Lipstick Woe Ever!

Lipstick is a girl’s first makeup crush and sometimes her longest relationship, when you find that one perfect shade. However, it can also make your lips dry, stain glasses, get messy and let’s not forget, that it even gets on shirt collars if you aren’t too careful! So, what is the 411 on solving those irksome but common lip problems? Read on to find out.

Lip Problem 1. Pout marks on your dress

When you notice a lipstick stain on your dress you will need two things, paper towels and hairspray (or alcohol). Place the paper towel on the stain and use the hairspray on the back of the fabric. Then, press down on it a few times, so that the stain transfers onto the paper towel. An easy solution to common lip problem! Don’t rub or it will smudge. If all else fails go to the dry cleaners immediately.

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Lip Problem 2.Lipstick on teeth

2 common lipstick problems - lipstick stains on teeth %281%29

The ‘O’ trick is the oldest method in the book to ensure lipstick doesn’t get on your teeth. Simply make an ‘O’ shape with your mouth and blot on a rolled up piece of paper or a finger. Sounds a bit strange, but trust us it works every time with this common lip problem!

Lip Problem 3. Melt-y lipstick?

Sometimes super-moist or glossy lipsticks tend to melt in extreme heat, the best way to conserve them is to store them in the chocolate compartment of your fridge. This is also a great solution to a lip problem like cream shadows that tend to get pasty in the summer.

Lip Problem 4. Stained lips

4 common lipstick problems - stained lips

While we love a long-lasting lipstick, at some point we do want to get it off. Makeup wipes tend to be too harsh on delicate lips, which is why we suggest making this simple makeup remover. Take one part coconut oil, one part baby shampoo and 2 parts water - put it in a jar filled with cotton swabs. This gentle cleanser will remove stubborn lipstick and hydrate them at the same time.

Lip Problem 5. It broke!

If your favourite lipstick broke in two, don’t fret, there is a way to save it from this common lip problem. Make sure you unwind the lipstick to the very top, then with a lit candle or lighter lightly melt the top layer and place the other side on it. Once you put both sides together, let it set in the fridge for a few hours.

Lip Problem 6. Get the purest shade

6 common lipstick problems - nude lisptick

Depending on your skin tone and the colour of your natural lip, the shade you lusted over could look very different. A great trick is to use a light layer of foundation over your lips, then dust with translucent powder. This forms a neutral base so that your lipstick will really pop and be true to its original shade.

Lip Problem 7. Perfect red lip

Red lips can be quite frightful as they tend to smudge at the slightest mistake. There is a failsafe to perfect red lips though. First use a lip pencil and lipstick, then use a bit of concealer with an angled brush to correct the corners and edges of your lip and solve this common lip problem.

Lip Problem 8. Dry lips?

8 common lipstick problems - dry lips

We are still loving matte lipsticks, but they really dry out our pouts. To combat the dehydration, simply put on a good balm 10 mins before you apply your lip primer & lipstick. When you’re done for the day, use a little sugar to exfoliate and then apply the balm again – hello moist lips!

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Lip Problem 9. Preserve lipsticks

If you have a bunch of semi-old lipsticks or they’ve simply broken into pieces. We suggest getting a cute pill box and storing any leftover lipstick in them. This is a great DIY lipstick palette to make your own custom lip shades and you get the most of your money’s worth and solve this common lip problem.

Lip Problem 10. More wine, please

10 common lipstick problems - lip stain on wine glass

Love wine but hate lipstick stains on the glass - well we do. A sneaky way to get around this common lip problem is to give your wine glass a quick lick when no one is looking. Since lipsticks are usually oil based, they won’t transfers onto the glass, if there is moisture on it.

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