Signature Beauty Looks Of Celebs You’re Going To *Drool* Over!

Signature Beauty Looks Of Celebs You’re Going To *Drool* Over!

When it comes to beauty inspiration, who better to emulate than celebrities whose looks are  always on-point? It’s clear that their makeup artists work around the clock to get their looks right, and we have to say they’ve done a good job of it! In this post, we highlight 7 signature celebrity beauty looks that we’ve been drooling over, and you will too, once you take a look at this!

1. Anushka’s fresh, dewy skin!

Anushka Sharma’s clean, fresh and flawless skin is something many women are envious of. That glow, minimal makeup and blush pink lips are all the beauty goals, aren’t they?

2. Deepika’s strong brow game (and bold lips)!

Be it nude makeup, bold lips with smokey eyes or the no-makeup look - Deepika aces it all, every single time! But one feature that we’re drawn to is her filled-in eyebrows. Thick, well-arched and defined brows are a signature look she goes for often, and it suits her perfectly well! A special mention to her bold lipstick choices - the berry shades, reds, wine colours - we think she carries them off beautifully.

3. Bebo’s kajal-rimmed eyes do the talking!

Kareena’s blessed with great skin and a face cut so fine, she requires no contouring or highlighting ever! What makes hers a winning look always is generously applied kajal. It makes her light eyes pop brilliantly, and has quite an effortlessly beautiful vibe about it.

4. Priyanka’s lips don’t lie!


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If we had to pick one celebrity who does bold lips perfectly, we’d say Priyanka Chopra, hands down! Her full lips play a huge part in making these lip colours look like they were specially made just for her.

5. Kim’s sculpted face! *drool*

She’s referred to as the ‘queen of contouring’ and so, she had to be a part of this list. In fact, her makeup line, KKW Beauty, first launched an amazing highlighting and contouring kit which is selling like hot cakes! And why won’t it, given that her signature contoured face is one that women all over the world are trying hard to emulate.

6. Shilpa’s beach waves are so on-point!

That blown out look with the perfect volume and beach waves - Shilpa Shetty is the definition of #HairOnFleek! We bet she has a hairstylist on standby at all times, but it sure is worth it.

7. Cara’s bushy brows and that goth vibe!

You hear bushy brows, and supermodel Cara Delevingne’s name is the first one to pop up in your head. And with good reason, ladies, check out that fierce look and the whole goth vibe she has going on. We love what we see here!