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11 EXCITING Theme Party Ideas For Your Hubby’s Birthday Bash!

11 EXCITING Theme Party Ideas For Your Hubby’s Birthday Bash!

If your husband’s birthday is round the corner, it’ll be a great idea to surprise him with a loving birthday bash. While a traditional party setting would always be great, here are some birthday party themes that’ll make for a special memory that he’ll reminisce forever.

1. Harry Potter Birthday Party

Without you saying ‘lumos,’ you are going to lighten up your husband’s day by throwing him a Harry Potter themed birthday party. It’ll be a great idea to have cut outs of quotes from Harry Potter hung all over the room! Present him with a cake of his favourite character and use brooms to decorate the mystical party setting.

1 birthday party themes - surprise

2. Cricket Birthday Party

Is your husband a cricket lover? Well, then a cricket themed birthday bash would be perfect. Get jerseys of his favourite team with the names of his favourite players and organise a cricket match for your family and friends. You could also use various cricket themed props to decorate the area.

3. Friends Themed Party

Was friends your husband’s favourite TV show? If yes, then throw him a ‘Friends’ themed birthday party. Make the birthday party menu memorable by having food names like, ‘Phoebe’s Hummus’, ‘Monica’s Lasagne’ and ‘Chandler and Rachel’s Cheesecake’. We guarantee you, it’ll be his best birthday ever!

3 birthday party themes - joey

4. Cheers & Beers Birthday Theme

Call over all his friends and throw your husband a ‘cheers and beers’ birthday party! Have his favourite pints creatively organized for great decor effect..

5. Back To The 90s

Get back to his favourite era’s by organizing a 90s themed birthday bash. Have cut outs of the famous Bollywood celebrities of that time which would also serve as the decor for the evening. Your family dressing up as Bollywood stars would help well!

5 birthday party themes - lets start

6. Kid’s Birthday Party

Get that childhood nostalgia back by organising a kids themed birthday party for your husband. Have games like ‘passing the parcel’ and ‘musical chairs’ to add to the fiesta.

7. Superhero Theme

Satisfy his childhood dream of becoming a superhero in real! Get special costumes and vintage videos that would make his birthday even more special and memorable.

7 birthday party themes - superwoman superman

8. Alphabet Party

Have a special ‘Alphabet Party’ by organizing each of the his birthday decor based on the first letter of his name. It would be fun and exciting, we bet!

9. Colour Party

This theme is similar to the alphabet party. Only difference is that the alphabet is now replaced with your husband’s favourite colour! Use his favourite colour to decorate the place and have everyone dress in a similar hue too!

9 birthday party themes - black

10. Casino Night

Who doesn’t enjoy a night in Las Vegas? Well, if going to the city seems inaccessible then, we advise you recreate a glimpse of the wonderful place closer home. Roll the dice and keep a game of cards handy for the fun celebrations.

11. Prom Night

Become school and college sweethearts once again with a prom night themed birthday party. Relive your college days with colour coordinated fashion and unlimited cake!  

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Published on Aug 2, 2017
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