#NailSwag: The BEST Nail Paints For Your Skin Tone!

#NailSwag: The BEST Nail Paints For Your Skin Tone!

The pop of pretty that polished nails add to our look on a given day is often underestimated. With the multiple options available at different stores today, what nail colours to pick for yourself can get a bit challenging. Here, we save you some time, and tell you what colours will go best with you skin tone. Read on...

Tips To Choose The Right Nail Colors For Your Skin Tone

Fair Complexion

1 nail colours- fair complexion

The family of colours that’ll complement your skin tone best will be nudes, blush pinks and all pastel shades. And if you’re the kind who loves bright colours, reds and oranges can work wonders! Dark shades aren’t for you, however, if on a day you wish to put on a shade different from what you usually wear, go for it! (Handy tip: Make it a point to trim your nails before putting on a black or plum nail paint)

Shades for you: Nude, Beige, Pale Pinks, Tomato Red, Bright Orange

Shades that aren’t for you: Avoid using very dark shades like – Black, Wine, Plum, Chocolate Brown, Purple.

Wheatish Complexion

2 nail colours - Wheatish complexion

The darker your complexion, the more variety of nail paint shades for you to experiment with. You, girl, can rock almost every colour available at the store, and that too with any nail length. While pale colours will lend a nice contrast look to your hands, bright nails will look trendy and chic.

Shades for you: All Reds, Orange, Plum, Hot Pink, Sky Blue, Mint Green, Nudes, Black (Pretty much all that’s available).

Shades that aren’t for you: Shades of Gold and Rust.

Dusky/Bronze-ish Complexion

3 nail colours - darkish complexion

Ladies, if you have a dusky complexion, keep away from pale shades, pastels and shades that are basically too light. They’ll end up giving a very washed out look to your hands. Bold and deep colours will work best for you, and will lend a super chic and fashionable touch to your appearance. Some bright shades would work too.

Shades for you: Dark Red, Burgundy, Burnt Orange, Black, Plum, Purple, Hot Pink.

Shades that aren’t for you: Pale Pink, Baby Blue, Nudes, Neons.