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We Found The Coolest Accessories Your Smartphone NEEDS!

Sayunkta Jain

Senior Fashion Writer

You know your phone is the most important thing in your life. It’s the first thing you check every morning and you almost have a mini heart attack when it’s vibrating on the edge of a table or if you can’t find it in your handbag to pay the cabbie. Here are 9 of our favorite accessories for your smartphone that you and your phone would absolutely love!

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Sling For Your Thing

High on fashion, low in weight, this cute little cell pouch with a long sling is thoughtfully sized for your smartphone, camera, money or other small items. Made of faux leather, it’s for the queen that you are.

India Circus

1 accessories for your smartphone   Mughal Queen Playing Card Small Sling Bag

Quirky Cases To The Rescue

Donuts, is there anything they can’t do? Quirky back cases like these will brighten up all your days like a Sunday morning. We especially love this yellow donut case - candy for the eye, candy for your phone.


2 accessories for your smartphone   Yellow Trio Donuts Case

Some Bling, Maybe?

Like it? Put a ring on it! We love this cool silver stent in the shape of a ring. Made of stainless steel, it is compatible with all digital devices. Hands-free experience anywhere and everywhere.

PropShop 24

3 accessories for your smartphone   Ring Stent Silver

Baby Got Back!

Silicone covers like this pretty one in pink with tassel trim details are a must, especially if you drop your phone often (you know you are!). Not only do they protect your phone from physical damage, they’re slim, light in weight and highly fashionable.


4 accessories for your smartphone   Sorbet Iphone Case

For The Love Of Photography

If you’re an Insta buff, just like us, you cannot do without this phone camera lens kit. With three types of lenses - fish-eye, wide-angle and macro, it offers HD like clarity on the go.


5 accessories for your smartphone   Clip On 3 in 1 Mobile Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit

Coolest Gadget Of The Year

It’s a USB... It’s a fan… It’s a super gadget! This colourful mobile fan cum pen drive is a must in your handbag. Also, it’ll be a total life saviour during those hectic commutes to work and college.

Gadget Deals

Mobile Fan

Cutest Bean Bag EVER!

How relaxing does it feel crashing into a fluffy bean bag chair after a long stressful day?! Well, this one’s for your smartphone in a cool red colour. Made of PU, it’s for when your phone needs a quick nap.

Happily Unmarried

7 accessories for your smartphone   Bean Bag Mobile Holder

For The Music Addict

For an easy come, easy go musical life, a wireless bluetooth headset can be game changing. These lovelies in a serene blue shade are compatible with all devices. Good music, everywhere!

Envent Boombud

8 accessories for your smartphone   Blue Wireless bluetooth Headphone

Leather? With Pleasure!

This leather mobile pouch is pocket-sized happiness, don’t you agree?! It’ll keep your phone safe and add a fun factor to it. Classy and sassy at the same time!


9 accessories for your smartphone   Women Orange Leather iPhone 6 Mobile Pouch

Didn’t we say you’re going to love them all! Have fun shopping, ladies!

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Published on Aug 19, 2017
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