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15 Ways Rose Water Can Make Your Beauty Routine EVEN Better!

15 Ways Rose Water Can Make Your Beauty Routine EVEN Better!

Trust Queen Cleopatra for forecasting the natural beauty remedies that stay significant even today. Legend has it, that the alluring Egyptian queen used to bath herself in pure rose water everyday for a glowing complexion. It is true, rose water is a boon to the skin and is widely known for its brightening and healing properties. While there are many benefits of rose water, we show you 15 amazing ways to include it in your daily bridal beauty regimen.

1. As Your Delicious Morning Tea


Start your day with a sweet cup of freshness with a rose water infused tea. Not only will it give your morning an aromatic start but the antioxidants in the tea will make sure your skin remains hydrated and supple all day long!

2. As A Gentle Facial Cleanser

If you’re one battling with sensitive skin, then a cup of rose water mixed with 2-3 drops of glycerine can act as a gentle facial cleanser. It helps remove impurities without irritating your sensitive skin.

3. As A Toner


Most toners are alcohol based, and therefore, harmful on sensitive and acne prone skin. A cotton ball soaked in rose water can be applied as a toner for that beautiful glow from within.

4. As A Moisturizer

Give your daily facial moisturizer an uplift by adding some handy drops of rose water in it. Not only will it hydrate your skin but will also make for quite a fragrant morning treat!

5. As a Face Mask


Face masks act as a luxurious treat to your skin and are super relaxing too! Amplify its hydrating effects by adding fragrant drops of rose water to it. We are sure, you’ll be addicted to this concoction.

6. As A Fragrant Body Lotion

Whether you want to thin out that luxurious body butter or just want to treat your skin with a hydrating kiss, rose water would be the best!

7. As A Natural Body Mist


If you are one of those who prefers a natural perfume over chemical infused store bought ones, then a rose water mist would be perfect. Just mix double the amount of rose water along with distilled water in a sanitized spray bottle and spritz away!

8. As A Face Freshener

Blotting papers and face tissues can be quite pricey. Especially if you live in a hot and humid hub, and use them often. Enter rose infused face freshner! Just mix equal quantities of rose water and H20 and spray it on the face to freshen up during those shaadi shopping sprees.

9. As A Fragrant Bath Solution


Rose water can help on days when you want to calm your tired joints and also treat yourself with a comforting bath. Just add in some pure rose water drops to your bathtub and soak yourself in the fragrant pool of the magic potion a la Cleopatra! Caution: This can get quite addictive!

10. As A Silky Hair Rinse

We all know the kind of sulfates and other chemicals that our shampoos carry. Go the natural way and treat your tresses with a kiss of a gentle rinse of rose water. It will help remove the extra product from your hair while adding a boost of shine and body to your hair.

11.  As A Makeup Setting Spray


We get you, it is extremely painstaking to keep your makeup from running in the humid climate. But fret not, a rose water infused spray can be your daily saviour just when your makeup decides to budge. Since it is all natural, you can even use it before your makeup to give your skin a healthy glow and after, to make sure your makeup stays in place all day long!

12. As a Sunburn Soother

Whether you are suffering from a stubborn sunburn or are naturally prone to patchy irritated skin, natural rose water can be your ultimate saviour. Mix some drops along with glycerine and apply on the affected area daily. We bet, your sunburn will be cured in a week!

13. As A Body Scrub

13 benefits of rose water

Who doesn’t like an indulgent scrub? Get into the bathtub and scrub away that flaky skin by adding some drops of rose water into your scrub. Make sure to use a gel based one along with rose water drops to soothe oily and acne prone skin.

14. As A Razor Mark Soother

Banish all those stubborn skin bumps and razor marks on your skin by dabbing a generous amount of pure rose water on cotton wool. Make sure you refrigerate it before applying on the affected area for that ‘thanda thanda, cool cool’ effect!

15. As Moisture Layer Under Your Sheet mask


Sure, we all love sheet masks. But if you want to amplify its benefits, do dab/spray generous amount of rose water into your skin. This will help in hydrating your skin even more, and locking in the moisture of the sheet mask efficiently.

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Published on Aug 17, 2017
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