10 Awkward Moments EVERY Desi Girl Has Faced With Her Parents!

10 Awkward Moments EVERY Desi Girl Has Faced With Her Parents!

If you grew up in a normal Indian household, chances are that life afforded you many, MANY awkward moments growing up. The thing is, no matter what class, race or religion, we all have these inherent Indian traits of fearing our parents, loving them immensely, yet never being able to talk about anything too intimate with them. This leads to some rather awkward moments, and we’ve *all* been there!

1. The time you needed permission for that hot and happening party but didn’t know how to ask!

Umm, yeah, so it’s not a big deal. Just a standard birthday thing – cake, samosa, party hats…you know…

2. The time your mother catches you smiling aimlessly at your phone.

And then you make up a lame ass story about how your best friend just said the funniest thing.

2 awkward moments - mom catches you smiling

3. The time your parents confront you about your boyfriend.

And you give them the most exaggerated high-pitched denial performance of your lifetime!

“Karan?! Are you guys crazzyyyyy? *Fake laugh* He’s just a friend!”

4. The time your aunt spots you on the bike with a boy and calls your mother to tell on you!

Whaaa? Mom, she’s mistaken! It couldn’t have been me! Ohhh, she must have forgotten her glasses at home again!

4 awkward moments - aunt sees you with a guy

5. The time your mother tries to talk to you about the birds and the bees…

But she doesn’t know you’ve read and watched 50 Shades of Grey and could school her on a thing or two. Also, your friends are the most corrupt bunch of people known to mankind and your mom is too pure for this world!

6. The time your dad gives you the ‘I know what you’ve been up to look’.

Not to be confused with ‘the death stare’, this one brings a high alert situation into your life. YOU ARE NOW BEING WATCHED!

6 awkward moments - girl facepalm

7. The time one of your parents abuses in front of you by mistake…

You are supposed to pretend you didn’t hear it but you are so overjoyed that they are just like you!

8. The time they jokingly slip it in that a rishta came for you.

They watch and enjoy as the colour drains from your face. Fun for them; not so much for you!

8 awkward moments - anushka sharma fake smile

9. The time they talk about your future plans…

They are thinking MBA, you are thinking Girl Getaway. Ah, well! We’ve all been there.

10. The time they catch you totally hungover for the first time ever…

But of course you pretend it’s a viral and that it’s all because of the damn changing weather.

10 awkward moments - khole kardashian irritated

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