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10 Awesome Things That Are *Worth* Saving Up For!

Isheeta Sharma

Junior Lifestyle Editor

No matter how great a life you are living, there is always a scope to make it better! By different means and on different times, of course. If this time you just feel like doing some shopping and making life a tad better then you’ve come to the right place! Here are 11 awesome products that are worth saving up for! You can thank us later!

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Say Hello To Books!

Reading books is only the greatest habit ever. And this bookshelf cum display unit is the classiest way to do that. It will also add a smart retro touch to your room!


1 products worth saving up for

Recline Away!

What’s better than this pretty teal coloured recliner for when you just want to cuddle up with a blanket and spend your weekend reading or watching movies, right?!


2 products worth saving up for

A Camera For All Your Needs!

The only camera you need while travelling is this one! Not only does it feature voice commands but is also waterproof which means you can even take pictures in pools or waterfalls!


3 products worth saving up for

Lights Will Guide You Home…

All of us need that little corner of the room that lights up! This colonial style lamp can be placed on a table to give it the classy antique feel.

Kapoor E Illuminations

4 products worth saving up for

The New MacBook!

Have you heard about the new awesome MacBook? Enough with the huge bulky laptops! This slim, 12-inch laptop is exactly what you are looking for!


5 products worth saving up for

A Quirky Rug!

A nice pretty rug can do wonders for your drab floor. Here’s a kalosi hand tufted rug that looks super quirky and is a great mix of fun and classy!

Urban Ladder

6 products worth saving up for

Under The Satin Sheets!

It’s a soon-to-be proven fact that satin bedsheets lead to silky smooth dreams! You sleep like a baby on soft sheets and you know you deserve that sleep after all the hard work you’ve been doing!

Sleep Sure

7 products worth saving up for

No-Noise Therapy!

If you don’t own Bose headphones, you’re truly missing out on something major! These noise cancelling headphones are perfect for all those times when you just want to cut out the world and find some peace and solitude in your music!


8 products worth saving up for

Whatever Floats Your Boat!

You need this flamingo pool float for every pool party/ beach vacation you have from hereon! This is the epitome of cuteness if nothing else! And what proves you have a great life better than you floating in a pool on a flamingo?!


9 products worth saving up for

A Cool Hoverboard!

Hoverboards are too cool for school and you need them in your life, trust us! How else will you zoom past life like a #GirlBoss?! This one also comes with a remote control!


10 products worth saving up for

Breakfast In Bed? Yes, Please!

For all those times when you just want to have your Sunday pancakes in bed, this breakfast tray is perfect! Not only does it give you perfectly Instagrammable breakfast pictures but also inspires you to get out of bed and get your wanderlust on!


11 products worth saving up for

So how are you making your life better today?

Published on Aug 12, 2017
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