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THIS Is The App You Need If You Absolutely Love GIFs!

THIS Is The App You Need If You Absolutely Love GIFs!

Don’t you just love memes? They’re such a fun way to express how you feel! If you spend most of your time tagging your best friend on posts online, we think it’s time you try creating your own. And, we found an awesome GIF-creating app that can help!

A GIF is mostly about the text and the caption that comes with the video. The new app ‘Giphy Says’ takes things a bit further -  it allows you to include your voice in the GIF! It is available for both iOS and Android.

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The best part is you can create GIFs using your own expressions. Isn’t that just SO cool? Here’s what you need to do...Hold the record button, speak the words loud and clear and the app will turn your spoken words into text on the screen.

So next time, you can quickly create a GIF of your expression and add a smile to anyone's face!

Published on Aug 26, 2017
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