10 Subtle Status Updates To Let Him Know That You’re Mad At Him!

10 Subtle Status Updates To Let Him Know That You’re Mad At Him!

Sometimes you just don’t feel like telling your partner what you feel because you don’t want to ignite a fight. However, you still want to tell them that you’re mad and they need to do something about it. This is when you use social media to leave subtle hints for *him*. Here are 11 angry status updates you can add when you’re mad at him but don’t want to tell him!

1. ‘Buying some almonds for people in my life so that they can remember what they’re forgetting!’

When he forgets your first date anniversary!

1 angry status updates  woman angry

2. ‘Your actions have spoken louder than your words.’

He needs to act ASAP!

3. ‘Some people need to open their mind instead of their mouth!’

When he talks about PMS like it’s easy!!

4. ‘Word of advice: don’t ask me for an opinion if you can’t handle the truth!’

The truth hurts, it really does!

4 angry status updates woman angry

5. ‘It’s funny how five minutes never actually mean five minutes!’

When he is always late to call you back. How does he fail all the time?!

6. ‘A lot of expectations break relations.’

When you build a mountain full of expectations and he shatters them in a second!

7. ‘I think I tripped for you instead of falling.’

When he is being so annoying that you rethink why you fell for him in the first place! *rolling eyes*

7 angry status updates girl walking away

8. ‘When you can’t hate them even on their worst days, you know you’re in love!’

But then you actually know you fell hard!

9. ‘To carry a grudge is to die after being stung by one bee.’

When you act all mature and try to let it go but he still needs to know you were stung!

10. ‘Never go to bed angry, stay up and plan your revenge!’

We all know revenge is sweet! *wink*

10 angry status updates kid angry

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