12 Easy Alternatives To ‘Aur Batao’ When Talking On The Phone!

12 Easy Alternatives To ‘Aur Batao’ When Talking On The Phone!

Are you sick and tired of facing the typical deadlock in any telephonic conversation with an ‘aur batao’, and don’t know where to go from there? We all face those awkward silent moments over the phone ever so often. Here’s some help from our end - 12 awesome alternatives to ‘aur batao’, that are also fun ways to carry forward the conversation and add an interesting twist to it. Read on and start taking notes already.

1. ‘Babe, give me some gossip na!’

Girls, just go for it directly instead of hoping to get some masala after several ‘aur bataos’ during the course of the conversation.

2. ‘What’s been happening?’

A keen interest to know all about what been happening in the person’s life, isn’t it?

3. ‘Let’s catch up for coffee this evening?’

If the conversation reaches a deadlock, just make a plan to meet the person you’re talking to. Sitting face-to-face makes chatting up so much easier.

3-alternatives to aur batao - kajol on koffee with karan

4. ‘Read anything interesting lately?’

If you are both book worms, then you could try talking about each of your latest reads. Easy peasy, right?

5. ‘Have you tried the latest iPhone camera?’

Shoutout to the tech-freaks out there. Skip the ‘aur batao’ and just get to discussing what’s the new tech stuff that’s catching everyone’s fancy!

6. ‘Any travel plans in the near future?’

Sharing travel experiences and plans is an interesting way to keep the conversation going. #Wanderlust

6-alternatives to aur batao - girl laughing on phone

7. ‘Has the GST affected your income?’

Socials issues and current events make for a great way to avoid awkward silence while talking over the phone.

8. ‘How’s it going with XYZ?’

Wondering what to talk about? Hint: Relationship talk to the rescue.

9. ‘Have you watched any movie lately?’

A movie buff can talk for hours on end about Bollywood, Hollywood and songs. Give it a shot, ladies.

9-alternatives to aur batao - rolling eyes

10. ‘Oh I am getting another call, let me call you back?’

When you run out of things to talk about, this is a super way to end the conversation.

11. ‘Have you tried the new Bhutanese restaurant that has opened up in town?’

Foodies, you have nothing to worry about.

12. ‘Let’s add XYZ on conference and ask her what she’s been upto?’

This chat session should be fun!

12- alternatives to aur batao - finding nemo

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