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90s Fashion Trends That Are Now A Part Of Our Everyday Style

90s Fashion Trends That Are Now A Part Of Our Everyday Style

The 90s is a decade we’re obsessed with and can’t seem to get over. The trends back in the decade were inspired by pop culture, music and movies that made ‘what one wore’ a really big deal. Fashion is cyclical and trends are bound to come and go. With the choker and the whole goth look making a comeback, here are some 90s fashion trends that we are so excited to have in our wardrobe, once again!

1. Wide Legged Jeans


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The wide legged jeans come with comfort written all over them! With volume game being strong, they’re worth all the hype. The look has cropped in a number of spring collections this season and we are quite excited to try it. Especially with the whole oversized trend coming into play - we’re on board!

2. Jelly Slides


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Jelly sandals were a big hit back in the 90s, especially with it making a fresh appearance with the Rihanna Fenty Puma collection. And if Rihanna says jelly sandals are back… they better be back! With star’s singular sense of fashion, we can’t wait to get our hands on one ASAP!

3. The Bell Hat


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The bell hat style is a perfect example of a 90s trend we can never forget. We have seen Pharrell Williams rocking an OTT version of this trend for a couple of years now. But with the trend showing up on the runway this season, we decided it’s time to show it some love. This is definitely the one piece of accessory you need this season.

4. Striped Sweaters


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Full disclosure: We love stripes and are excited to see its fun variations this season. Having said that, the striped trend has gotten bolder than before and in the current scenario, we can’t not have one of these.

5. Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks have never been a flattering style and are more practical than trendy. But high necks shall remain in our fashion good books, especially after they’ve become turtlenecks! You can style them in a hundred ways and make it look super cool.

6. Maxi Hoop Earrings


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We believe ‘Mean Girls’ thespian Gretchen Wieners when she said hoop earrings are her thing. The trend has a dramatic flare to it - and it’s making a comeback!

7. Cargo Pants


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Doesn’t Bella Hadid style cargo pants to near perfection? For us, these pants are such an amazing new addition to give our regular tops and t-shirts a brand new voice!

Published on Aug 22, 2017
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